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There are four human skills a good MAA should possess. Give a realistic example of that the MAA could use with one of these necessary skills. Why is planning of activities important for the MAA? How the concept of empowerment can make the MAA more effective in dealing with other colleagues in the medical office.

The Medical Administrative Assistant needs to possess numerous task and skills each day to make the medical office successful. A good MAA will have four human skills necessary to work with staff and patients properly. To help the office run smoothly the MAA will need to understand the importance of planning activities or courses of action. The MAA should also use the concept of empowerment to be effective in dealing with other colleagues in the medical office.

A good MAA should possess the four human skills that include the ability to understand, alter, lead, and control the behavior of other individuals and groups (Jones and George, 2014). An example the MAA uses in the medical office is to understand because the diversity of patients and colleagues can be challenging. An MAA who possess this skill effectively will understand that each patient has different needs and their situations are never the same.

If an angry patient comes into the office because of a bill they believe is not correct, the medical assistant should show they understand their frustration and politely ask to look over the bill with them in a separate room. It is wrong for the Medical assistant to assume that the billing is always correct when even professionals make mistakes too. So going over it with the patient shows the value and respect the office has for each individual patient. This along with many other skills will prevent future problems from escalating, the patients will feel good and continue to come back.

Why is the planning of activities within the medical office important for the Medical Administrative Assistant? Setting goals and courses of action in the medical office creates the organization to function properly and prepare for threats. According to (Jones and George, 2014), planning is the process that managers use to identify and select appropriate goals and courses of action for an organization. Without planning the medical office will have conflicting and uncooperative staff members who do not work well together.

How the concept of empowerment can make you more effective in your dealings with other colleagues in the medical office. Giving lower level employees authority and responsibility over their own specific job will help eliminate less important task of which is a manager’s job. This technique will provide the manager to focus on other important duties and accomplish them in a timely matter. Employees will take full responsibility for their work and will work at their best, effectively and efficiently.

The Medical Administrative Assistant is responsible for many of the task in a medical office. They are expected to uphold high standards in running the office. By using the four human skills as needed to create a well organization, planning goals and appropriate activities to identify threats or conflicts amongst colleagues. Understanding how the concept of empowerment will make you work effectively and efficiently by allowing lower level employees to be responsible for their specific jobs, this way a self-managed teamwork will be a growing and successful organization.

Jones, G. and George, J. (2014). Essentials of contemporary management. United States of America: McGraw-Hill Education.

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