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Our study attempts to evaluate a company TVH which started a training program that is Mentorship program but face some problem because they didn’t provide the training in a systematic way. Sometimes company face many problem for the new employee’s activities because they are not well experienced before working into a company. Then Mentorship program plays an important role to develop the employees’ knowledge if they provide proper training program. That’s why the result shows that the young people can’t take the lesson easily for their lacking of their instrumental knowledge of the company. And we are trying to solve these problems. Introduction:

TVH is Group Thermote & Vanhalst which is a global organization that specializes in constructing and repairing forklift trucks. Paul Sanders who is the HR director at TVH. He realizes that young persons of the company have some problem and the company didn’t capture, store and measure employee’s knowledge. So he provides a Mentorship program for developing the employees and captures their knowledge. Because, using this program the employees can gather and increase their knowledge and it can help to implement the training on the companies trading and can reach to their goal.

1. If you were Paul Sanders, how would you deal with the issues raised in the letter? Answer:
The major problem is that the newcomers are facing some problem to the mentorship program.There are some issues which are raised on the letter of Freddy Jacobs, which he sends to the Paul Sanders. After reading this letter Paul Sander gets some tough problems. If I am on the position of Paul Sanders, at first I introduced the mentorship program into new process. Actually they are trained by three experienced employees who are just explaining the work to the young people. But they are not understood instrument dealing and trade dealing of the company. They started it with direct explanation of trading. But I provide some steps of the program which are given below: * People who are new comers are observing the whole company. * They are acquainted about the instrumental element like forklift truck. * They can gather knowledge from the mentors of the mentorship program. 2) What would make the mentoring program a success? How would you define success?Failure? Answer:

The mentoring program will be successful if the newcomers understand the training lesson and implement to their work place. By using this training, they can increase their knowledge, capture the technique of the trade and if they utilize their aptitude knowledge, then we get feedback from them which we expected from this program and we become successful and make the program success. Success is that process by which we can reach to our destination. And a program will be success when they get their expected result. When we don’t get our expected result and if we failed to reach to our goal, then it may call failure.

3) Under what circumstances would you choose these training processes? Answer:
If we observe that our employees have some lacking of their work and they cannot capture, store and leverage their knowledge to their work, then we can choose these mentoring training process for developing their work dynamic. And we also choose these program by giving them special caring and if we face some tough problem like presentation about the product of the company, instrumental problem, technical problem etc. In these circumstances, we can provide these activities for developing our employee’s knowledge about their own company and also their work. Recommendation:

If the company started the Mentorship program in a systematic way, then TVH Company could not fall to this problem. So every company has to provide this program for their new comers and they should observe that each employee have no confusion about dealing and activities of the company. Conclusion:

Every success of a company depends on the good performance of the employees of a company. And to get this performance they need a well training program. Like TVH Company every company should start this Mentorship program but in a systematic way. If they provide the program in a proper way they can get the expected feedback from their employee and it also implemented into their work place.

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