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The Most Beautiful Face Essay Sample

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The Most Beautiful Face Essay Sample


Beauty is one of those ontological concepts which can only be defined tautologically by referring to the person or thing that is beautiful yet has no particular standard.  Some beauty experts refer to the “x factor” which nevertheless cannot be categorically identified or defined. (Reck, 2001) Albeit, beauty lies on the eyes of the beholder or that each person’s uniqueness (Choubey , 2004) is what makes one beautiful, there simply are people who are unambiguously beautiful for anyone to see.  As such, beauty is considered as the totality of features and qualities that gives pleasure to the senses.   Following this general concept, beauty therefore goes beyond our sense of sight but also provides a delightful perception in our different senses including feeling, smelling, hearing and tasting.  And it is this type of beauty that Rachel Weisz possessed – a beauty that goes beyond the sense of sight.

The Beauty of Rachel Weisz

While artificial factors may help enhance the beauty of a person such as makeup, clothing, and jewelry, the beauty of Rachel Weisz lies best in its natural perfection when devoid of these synthetic supplements.

Although the holistic face of Ms. Weisz is what constitutes the perfection of beauty, the first thing that will hypnotize any person at her presence is her tantalizing green eyes. More than its piercing look, her eyes already speak a thousand things before she utters a word. And they do not look at you physically but seemed to look at your inner soul instead.  As such anyone who sees her tends to come near to her for thinking that Ms Weisz wanted to tell something to him/ her.  But it’s just what you think, that moment was simply your soul making stories of her empty look.  Ms Weisz’s eyes simply agitate our spirits to make fantasies.

Between her eyes starts the curvature of her nose, which delineates the symmetry of her left and right.  It is actually more than a nose but it is a highlight of the centrality of balance much like the zenith ruby at the peak of a seamlessly pyramided cone.    These nose curvatures fade to both sides towards her cheeks which are a reflection of softness – a softness that is tempting to touch yet anyone may be hesitant to do because they are so sensitive.

Incidentally, one of the most conspicuous assets of Ms. Weisz is her cheekbones that resonates that shaping of her face to contain the right elements in appropriate setting, right proportion and logical combinations.

Below the nose are her red lips.  These lips resemble two lovers that are intimately attached in as much as they act as the passage to Ms. Weisz’s intimate breath and the instrument for her intimate touch.  These lips also have their instinctive pout which is not excessively seductive like those of Angelina Jolie but are slightly glowered sufficient for an alluring enticement.

The chin of Ms. Weisz provides the infinite closure of her face.  It is faintly shown as part of the whole face instead of pointing downwards.  Her jawbones were made to cast a shadow on her neck that helps dazzle her resplendent facial features through the interplay of luminosity and darker shades of light.

Finally, the hair, which is said to be crowning glory of one’s beauty, is irrelevant in Ms. Weisz.  The hair is simply meant to sheathe that radiance of her beauty that can blind people who sees her.

What the eyes can perceive is only a fraction of the beautiful face of Ms. Weisz. The feeling that it evokes comprises half of the splendor of her face. It does not rouse a feeling of longing or attraction, stirs up a confusion or mystery nor provides a soothing effect that most typical beauties induce.  Instead, her face initiates a feeling that makes one appreciate life as it captures the epitome of what is beautiful in life which is love, hope and Wisdom.  And indeed, Ms. Weisz do not represent the foxy lady that can get a man drooling in the streets, nor the Goddess that can get people fall into their knees to adore and praise, Ms. Weisz endows people with what we need in life to survive – love, hope and wisdom.  These are virtues that are ecumenical and applicable to every individual personal quest in life regardless of race, color or belief.  And as such, the beauty of Ms. Weisz and beauty that it projects transcend the bounds of culture and applies to all of humanity.

Because of this, the beauty of Ms. Weisz makes other things beautiful as its sparks and ingrains beautiful thoughts to our senses.  Thus, her presence will make us hear beautiful music whether it’s a ballad, a disco, rock music or simply a bell.  Unlike in most descriptions when everything seems to stop and the environment seemed to go in silence when  a beautiful person walks in, Ms. Weisz blends her beauty to existing surroundings and helps us appreciate the noise, the movements, the chaos around it which is part of our lives as humans.  Her beauty helps us appreciate the beauty of things.  This includes the scent of fresh air or the taste of rain and everything else in their natural state.


The beauty of the face is often measured in terms of the relative proportion and shapes of the physical features and elements of the face such as the nose, eyes, ears, lips as well as its harmony.  (Sebeok, 1978)  And often, our sense of sight is the conscious determining perception we use in order to perceive beauty.  Beauty however is beyond the eyes of the beholder but unfolds in the totality of the perceptions that a thing of beauty allows us to perceive.  This is exactly why a smile is the most effective natural make up that will enhance beauty. (Curry, 1915) There is more to a smile than what eyes can see.  And these are the elements of beauty that matter most.  Rachel Weisz is the essence of the beauty of humanity.  Her facial features simply supplement the natural smile that is inherent in her face.  And this smile induces the beauty of our world that we need to see.


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