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The Most Important Factor in Controlling Rapidly Increasing Populations Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The worlds population is rapidly increasing at a rate of 1.188%, however there are some countries that are growing a lot more rapidly than this, some are still growing at a rapid rate whereas others have been slowed and are now decreasing. This has been done in a number of ways and through a number of different policies.

Firstly I feel birth control is one way to prevent rapidly increasing populations, this is certainly a big issue in a number of countries across the globe.

However birth control is not always possible as it is against certain religions such as Roman Catholicism and Islam. It is also not made readily available, especially those in the developing countries, and it is these that have some of the most rapidly growing populations in the world.

For example Africa has a rapidly growing population, but does not have the birth control to prevent this, and therefore women are having large families therefore pushing the birth rate to higher than 2.1 which means the population is more than replacing itself and in turn growing at a significant rate.

However in African countries other action is being taken to prevent the rapidly growing population, this is in the form of education.

Other, more developed countries have now stood in and tried in

many ways to control the population, such as the USA who have used a campaign to try and get younger

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women into jobs before having a child, and therefore reducing the number they can have as they will wait until they’re older to have one.

In other African countries however this would not work, tradition demands high rates of reproduction and intense cultural expectation overrides the wish of women and no amount of influence from the developed world would change this, however these places are usually of a relatively small population and therefore are not dramatically impacting on the world’s population.

However in some cases rapidly growing population has taken a dramatic toll on the worlds population and this has led to policies set up in countries to prevent the population from growing rapidly and hope to place it into a decline.

A country that this has worked most successfully in is China, their one child policy means only one birth per couple, if this is exceeded the family will receive no benefits and will be taxed more heavily, it is this which is preventing many families across China from having more than one child, thus reducing the birth rate in China to 1, meaning the populationg in China has significantly decreased.

A number of different tactics within China were used to enforce the one child policy upon the nation on top of the financial downfalls to having more than one child. One of these ways is propaganda posters , it is these that often show that having one child is the best thing to do, the posters are often patriotic to enforce the message.

I feel it is techniques and policies such as this that can control a rapidly growing population, however I feel it does not have to be done as instant as the one child policy, but perhaps more gradually on a worldwide scale, to gradually slow the rapidly increasing world population.

I also feel the message does not have to be so widely enforced or either have such a large punishment for having more than one child.

I think that certain aspects can be taken from the Chinese policy, but also more added to make it much more suitable for the worldwide population.

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