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The movie Rudy is about a person named Rudy who wants to play football for the Notre-Dame Irish. Rudy has been told his entire life that he wasn’t good enough, he was too small and that his goals will never come true. He dreams of playing on the team but since his marks aren’t high enough his teacher didn’t let him apply for the school. There are three main aspects about Rudy that helps him get into Notre-Dame and its football team, his decision making, goal setting and values.

Rudy’s decisions were well thought out, letting him work his way into Notre-Dame. After Rudy graduated from high school he went to work at a mill with his father. In an accident at a mill his best friend Pete died in an explosion and after this explosion he went to a priest. The priest told him that his marks need to be very good for him to get into Notre-Dame and suggested that he go to Holy Cross till he can get his marks up high enough. When he started studying at Holy Cross he met someone who was willing to be his tutor. From him he found out Rudy suffered from dyslexia, a learning disorder which made it hard for him to recognize and comprehend written words.

Finally after 3 semesters Rudy got into Notre-Dame and was accepted into the football team because of how he played, giving it his all and trying harder than most. Rudy didn’t get dressed to play in a football game for about 2 years, then finally all the other players appealed on his behalf to the coach and he was finally got to play a game. Near the end of the game the players started to chant “Rudy” because he wasn’t able to get on, at 17 seconds the coach played him and he tackled the Quarter Back. When the game ended Rudy was carried off the field.

Rudy set himself to hard very hard standards and tried desperately to achieve his goals. Rudy’s main goal was to prove to everyone that he could get onto the Notre-Dame football team, but no-one believe him so he kept trying and trying. Once he realized that he couldn’t get into the University with his marks he tried harder to get better marks. When he finally got into the school his next goal was to run through the team gates and have the entire crowd see him and he wanted to play so everyone would recognize him. He made the team but since he didn’t have any athletic ability he wasn’t able to play any games and he started getting frustrated.

Rudy went to talk to the coach and asked if he could play one game and the coach said yes. After he phoned home and said that he would be dressed for a game he found out that the coach quit and a new one had been hired. Rudy didn’t get played so he finally quit the team and Fortune told him that when he quit the team he regretted that decision to this day so he went back onto the team. On the last game of the season he wasn’t on the dress list so everyone on the team went to the coach and said that Rudy should have his spot. The coach put him on and he finally achieved his life long goal of being in a game for the Irish.

Rudy had many aspects and values which enabled him to get onto the team, and athletic-ness wasn’t one of them. Rudy was patient, hardworking and determined. He never gave up even when people kept on telling him he couldn’t do it. When he finally got into Notre-Dame his parents were proud of him and supported him. Even when he himself thought that all his dedication was of no use and wanted to give up, his friend Fortune talked to him and convinced him to continue on his goal. He inspired many people and when he finally got to play a game everyone was happy for him.

Rudy was an inspirational movie, which is basically a video-biography, served the purpose of showing people that people can achieve their goals through hard work and determination. Rudy never gave up; he is a dedicated, hardworking and patient person which led him to achieve his goals. This shows how people can achieve many things as long as they believe they can do it and if their goal is realistic. Rudy is an inspiration to all of us.

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