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The Nature of a Beach and How it Changes Along the South Essex Coastline Essay Sample

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The Nature of a Beach and How it Changes Along the South Essex Coastline Essay Sample

The question was chosen to see weather or not tourism needs to be looked at and if the location of buildings needs to be moved or if the beach needs to be replenished to protect the buildings. And if sea defenses are working to save the beach.


These are the hypotheses that I am going to test.

1) To see if beach material accumulates on the eastern side of the groynes.

We would expect that the beach material on the eastern side of the groynes due to that being the direction of long shore drift.

2) Too see if beach material is sorted by the waves.

The swash and the backwash should sort the beach material.

3) Too see if the beach angles vary with distance from the sea.

To see if at southend weather the size of the material affects the slope.

4) To see weather human efforts to help the beach are working.

To see in what ways the council and the environmental agencies are helping in preserving and protecting the beach and if they are effective, and the ways they are protecting the coastline from flooding and erosion.


Date= 17/3/03

Time= 1pm – 4: 30pm

1) Before we traveled to Southend we designed and drew a recording sheet for all the data we would collect when we went. We did this to help us to collect our data on one sheet and to keep us organized.

Groyne Post

Height of beach. East side. (m)

Height of beach. West side. (m)

Angle of Beach. East side. ( � )

Angle of Beach. West side. ( � )

Sample Number






2) The amount of recordings that I made from each groyne was according to the amount of posts the groyne had. If the groyne had 28 posts then I would take 28 measurements and recordings. The points are equally spaced and so systematic.

3) Spread Of Points; Systematic was the way that I chose to spread the points out the points as it was easy to record readings at every 2.4 meters as there is a post there.

2.4m Post

4) Heights: we took measurements of how high the top of the post was from the Beach. We did this so that if you take readings from both side of the groyne than you can see if one side is built up more that the other one. Which determines the direction of long-shore drift.

5) Angles; we measured the angle of the beach with a pantometer so that we can prove if the angle of the beach differs the further the distance from the sea.


6) Sample collection; we took samples of beach material at every third post of the groyne. This is to help us prove weather or not beach material is sorted by the waves.

7) Secondary Data; maps are the main form of secondary data. These maps show were Southend is, and were we carried out our study.

This is Thorpe Bay

Scale; 1:1000

8) Sieving; All the samples that we collected were sieved and separated into large, medium and small sized particles using different sized sieves this allows us to see the size of the beach material up and down the beach.

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