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Christians are Monotheists
God is Omnipotent, Omni benevolent, Omniscient and Omnipresent
The Trinity
Forgiveness of God – Salvation
Miracles of Good
Revelation e.g. divine intervention, visions, Near Death Experiences, Nature, Miracle both in Bible and in Real World, Jesus
Teleological Argument – Watch – Intelligent Design

Cosmological Argument – Initial Cause – Infinite Regression impossible
Pascal’s Wager – Better to believe in God
Moral Argument – Morality and Conscience comes from God
Immanent God – God is nearby and part of human experiences
Transcendent God – God is beyond and outside the material world
Personal God – God is has human qualities (e.g. consciousness, free will)
Impersonal God – God is like a force incapable of relationships (e.g. wind
The Nature of Belief

Churches: Cross shape (Death and Resurrection of Jesus), Steeple pointing to sky, altar, pulpit etc.
Private and Communal Worship
Hymns, Bible Reading, Sermons
Prayer (incl. Lord’s Prayer) Supplication, Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving
Holy Communion / Mass / Eucharist (Bread and Wine)
Music, Decoration and Art
Good and Evil

Moral Evil – Caused by people
Natural Evil – God? /Devil?
Problem of Evil and Theodicies
Augustine: Evil caused by absence of god in world and hearts/Original Sin
Irenaeus: Suffering is Soul-making, creates and tests Virtues needed for Heaven
Suffering created by: Original Sin, Devil, Free-will, Absence of God, Used to differentiate between pleasure/good, Psychological problems, Punishment
People are able to tell good from evil using: conscience, bible, parables, the ten commandments
Religion in Human Relationships

Ideally marriage for life, ceremony, wedding vows (bible based), agreements. Marriage is a sacrament, sign of holiness.
Genesis, fall of man (because of woman?), creation of woman, women in bible,
Divorce vs. Annulments
Promiscuity, Contraception, Same Gender Relationships, Body as Temple of Holy Spirit, free will,
God created woman out of man (An implied dependency, weakness?)
Monogamy and Fidelity
Religion and Medical Ethics

Sanctity of Life (Body as Temple), Ensoulment, Breath of Life, God knows us before we are in the womb, Quality of Life, Right to Life
Fertility treatments (IVF), playing God/God wish, Spare embryos
Euthanasia (Active e.g. pills vs. Passive e.g. switching off machine)
Animal Research,3 R’s Replace Reduce Refine, Genesis: Stewardship
Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
“Playing God” and Natural Moral Law
Religion and Equality

New Testament: Female Prophets.
Women as Priests, Catholics believe Priest represents Christ.
Mary Magdalene
Love thy neighbour and love all. The Good Samaritan parable
Liberation Theology, Jesus seen as a Liberator
Evangelical Beliefs: Share Christianity

Copy forgiving nature of God, the Lord’s Prayer
Ecumenical movement: all denominations working together
Exclusivist: Only Christians go to heaven, Fundamentalist,
Pluralist: God is truth and truth is individual, Liberal,
Inclusivist: “Anonymous Christians” Conservatives, Evangelicals,
Religion, Poverty and Capital Wealth

Parable of the Good Samaritan
Saint Francis of Assisi, Poor are better off than the rich
Charities: Cafod, the Salvation Army, Christian Aid, Tearfund
Love Thy Neighbour
Correct use of money
Monks and Nuns vows of Poverty
Amos in Old Testament supported the fair treatment of Poor
James in New Testament condemns Favouritism and sees it as a devaluation of Christ’s death. Story: Making poor sit on floor while giving preference to rich.
Jesus gives more preference to the donations of the poor than that of the rich Luke New Testament. Jesus is the “good new to the poor.”
Religion, Peace and Justice

God sees everyone as equal
“See that justice prevails in the courts.”Amos shows God wants the legal system to be fair and not biased to the rich.
Against social injustice, Old Testament: treat aliens “as yourself”
Just War Theory, Thomas Aquinas. Last Resort, Right Intent, Pacifism
Conscientious Objectors – object to war but may still help: doctors
Do not kill vs. Do not murder in Commandments
Righteous anger
Punishment: Deterrent, Reform, Protection, Retribution
Amnesty International
Liberation Theology: Speaking out against social injustice
Repentance and Reconciliation
Fundamentalist vs. Conservative vs. Liberal

Situation Ethics > Doing the most loving thing in a situation > Utilitarian

Agape > Compassion

Absolutism vs. Relativism

Intrinsic Value vs. Instrumental Value

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