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Linux was first developed in the year 1991 by Linus Torvalds. His aim was to come up with a better operating system than mimix and which was a small version of Unix programmed by Andy Tanenbaum. Due to the fact that it’s open source free software it was modified by many programmers from different corners of the globe.

One of the disadvantages of Linux is that many people believe it’s hard to learn as compared to windows. But after learning it one get to understand its advantages which over power windows.


Linux has various advantages which by far overpower windows.


The first and obvious advantage of using Linux instead of Windows is the cost. Unlike Microsoft where their products are very expensive and Limited, Linux can be installed on any given number of machines free of charge, compared to Microsoft where even the cost of installing a copy Windows on a single is very expensive.


Each an every computer user requires tight security. Linux compared to Windows has a very strong security. For many years Linux has been known to survive without having to install virus protection software. This has been made possible by the fact that it’s open source software even if someone developed a virus to attack it; chances are there that after a short while patches from different programmers will be released to cure the virus.


Another great advantage of Linux is freedom to choose what you want and how you like it, attractive and many themes of the operating system reduce the boredom of having the same same theme all the time like the default theme for windows.


Many people believe that Windows is easier to install than Linux, but consider a case where you computer clashes and you still want to install windows; you obviously start worrying about device drivers, like printers, sound card etc. also you have to spend sometime searching for application software that you use. In Linux majority of the things you need in your computer are inbuilt.


Linux systems are known to run stably, unlike windows where you always have to keep pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del to get the machine running stably. Linux is known to run processes properly without having to terminate them due to unstable function. Generally Linux run until properly until there is a hardware failure or the machine is shutdown.


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