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Instructions: Solve each problem using the workspace provided. Record your answers on the answer sheet provided. You are welcome to use a calculator for your analyses.

International Juice Inc. plans to introduce a new line of fruit juices with three different flavors: cherry, grape and apple. 50% of buyers will buy cherry, 20% will buy grape, and 30% will buy apple. Cherry buyers will buy an average of 1.2 cans at a time, grape purchasers 1.4, and apple purchasers 1.6. Given this information, what percent of the total sales of the new line will cherry be?

Both Company A and Company B sell paper dolls, but company B sells twice as many dolls as Company A. Company A sells their dolls at a price that is 10% more than Company B. Company A sells 10,000 dolls per quarter, for a total of £120,000 in sales. How many more dolls would Company A have to sell during the given quarter to have the same total sales, in British pounds, as Company B?

The results of surveying 100 residents of a city reported that 40 read the daily morning paper, 70 read the daily evening paper, and 20 read neither daily paper. How many residents:
a. Read at least one daily paper?
b. Read both papers?
c. Read exactly one daily paper?

Upon conducting a survey of their customers, Crunchy Pretzel Company (CPC) has learned that buyers would prefer CPC pretzels much more if CPC increased the salt content by 50%. Currently, one bag of pretzels is being sold at €1.09 with a €0.11 profit on each bag sold. The additional salt content will increase the production cost by €0.04 per bag. Last quarter, CPC sold 2.4 million bags of pretzels. Assuming the price of the product remains the same, if CPC increases the salt content by 50%, how many additional bags of pretzels will they have to sell to have the same total profit?

CC Company (CCC) manufactures ChocoChip chocolate chip cookies. Each package costs ¥100 to manufacture, and is sold to retailers for ¥150. Currently, CCC sells 500,000 packages per year of the ChocoChip product. For an investment of ¥25,000,000 in new machinery, CCC could produce chocolate chip cookies with nuts for ¥125 per package. ChocoNut would also be sold to retailers for ¥150. The company has learned that it could sell 250,000 packages of ChocoNut per year. Assuming sales of ChocoChip remain stable, based upon the profit on sales of ChocoNut, how many years will it take for CCC to recoup their investment in the machinery needed to produce ChocoNut?

No Bite insect repellent is being introduced on the market. The manufacturer expects 15% of the population in Swampville (population 20,000) to try the product in its first year on the market, purchasing an average of 1.1 cans each on the first purchase occasion. Of those who try the product, 25% will make an average of two additional purchases during the first year, purchasing an average of 1.6 cans per repeat transaction. How many cans of No Bite can the manufacturer expect to sell in Swampville during its first year on the market?

A shampoo manufacturer reported the following annual sales results: Percent of Sales Unit Size

Unit Price

First Quarter

Second, Third and Fourth Quarters

8 ounces
12 ounces
16 ounces
24 ounces




Assuming sales units are equal in each quarter, what is the average number of ounces of a unit sold during the year?

To qualify for promotion, a technical company requires an employee to pass a screening test. A maximum of 3 attempts are allowed with 6 month intervals between trials. From past records it is found that 40% pass on the first trial; of those that fail the first trial and take the test a second time, 60% pass; and of those that fail on the second trial and take the test a third time, 20% pass. For an employee wishing to transfer:

a. What is the probability of passing the test on the first or second try?
b. What is the probability of failing on the first 2 trials and passing on the third?
c. What is the probability of failing on all 3 attempts?

Ninety percent of the population in Woodville has carpeted rooms in their home. A marketer of carpet cleaner learned that, last year, 10% of the population with carpet purchased Foamy carpet cleaner and 9.5% of the total population purchased it. What percentage of the population without carpeted rooms in their home purchased Foamy last year?

A market research firm needs to find 100 people who regularly purchase orange juice to complete a survey on a new line of frozen orange juice. After talking to a random sample of 500 people, 75 orange juice buyers have been found. Based upon this information, how many additional people in a random sample do they need to interview to reach an expected total of 100 people who regularly purchase orange juice?

As a Client Service Executive at Nielsen, you are assigned to work on Sudsy Soap Company’s client team. Your key contact at Sudsy Soap has come to you with a new product idea called “UNISOAP” and you have been requested to review the information provided and prepare a summary of your hypotheses regarding the product’s strengths and weaknesses. This summary shall be sent to the Marketing Director by email and to invite him for a face to face discussion afterwards. Please compose an email response on the pages provided. BEAT THE HIGH COST OF PERSONAL AND LAUNDRY CLEANING


Have you ever added up the cost of all the soap products you buy–Shampoo, Bar Soap, and Laundry Detergents? Soap manufacturers have convinced you to buy all these products by leading you to believe that they do different things. Actually, they are all soap and they work on the same cleaning principle. We are introducing UNISOAP to clean up all this marketing hype. the soap you can use all around the house.


In the shower it is one of the best shampoos you will ever buy. It’s gentle, but firm cleansing agents leave your hair dirt-free while giving you that bouncy, shiny look you expect from fine salon shampoos. And move over Dove, UNISOAP will also clean your skin without drying.

In your washing machine, UNISOAP is the perfect cleaner–tough enough for the worst grease, yet gentle enough for fine washables.
UNISOAP is available in a unique solid bar form. Just break off as much as you need. It dissolves easily so it won’t leave soap residue on your clothes or hair. Beat the soap runaround with UNISOAP!

1 – 8 ounce bar – $2.29
1 – 48 ounce bar – $5.99

The marketing research department of a prominent advertising agency measured the sales response to a magazine advertisement of Brand A hand soap. The product was advertised initially in the January 5 issue of Magazine M, a monthly magazine. The agency selected a random sample of 300 subscribing families to Magazine M and interviewed each of these sample families on February 5. The interview was designed to determine the effectiveness of this advertisement with 2 questions asked: (1) whether the subscriber read the soap advertisement, and (2) whether Brand A soap was purchased within the period January 5 through February 5. The results of that study are summarized in the following table. Reading of Brand A advertisement in Magazine M versus

Purchase of Brand A during the period January 5—February 5. Number
Number Not
Purchasing Brand
Brand A during
A during the the period period January
5—February 5
5—February 5
Subscribers who read the
Brand A advertisement in
the January 5 issue of
Magazine M
Subscribers who did not read the brand A advertisement in the

1. What can you say about the effectiveness of the magazine advertisement and why?
2. What recommendations would you make to the client?
3. Would you have asked any additional questions to the subscribers in the interview? If so, what would those questions be and why?

Please refer to the attachment of the answer sheet. Circle the errors on the answer sheet for the case “Frozen Dim Sum Presentation, Prepared for Coca Cola”.

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