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In this short essay about the “Obama HealthCare Policy,” I will discuss the problems of the policy. I plan to explain the history, and the meaning of this policy. In this essay I will be discussing the pros and cons of the Obama HealthCare Policy, as well as the issue’s with the Federalism. I will be evaluating the pros and cons from two other perspectives.

The Obama Care is a name for Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2012. You may not even realize it yet, that part of this act has already affected you, and the economy. The main controversial part is the mandate that everyone has to purchase private health insurance or pay a fine. This does not go into effect until two thousand and fourteen. If you cannot afford the insurance, and if you fall under a certain bracket, free medical is provided for you, such as Medicaid. The Obama Care reforms and regulates insurance companies and health care standards.

The Obama Care requires that all Americans have health insurance, either through a private provider or through the State, and or Federal assisted program. The penalties for not having the insurance is that you will pay a tax. This tax will be one percent of your income in two thousand and fourteen and two-point five percent in two thousand and sixteen. However, they say the Obama Care is not a mandate, it is a tax. The Obama Care for America Plan aims to reform the health care industry by cutting out waste, reallocating where the government funds goes, fixing what does not work, and most of all ensuring that all Americans have healthcare.

The benefits of the policy is that if you make less than ninety-three thousand and seven hundred as a family, and forty-six thousand and twenty-one hundred as a single person, you and your love one will receive health insurance financing. If you purchase insurance through an online market financing will be available to help you pay your premiums.

In other words, you will not pay the full price for insurance. As far as the middle and lower income families, they will also get help with the out of pocket cost. Medicaid will be offered. Seniors will greatly benefit from the seven hundred and sixteen billion dollars of wasteful spending cut from the Medicare, and the closing of the donut whole gap. In addition, Obama care will include a number of protections for women, in which gives better access to preventative services. Mainly people are not denied, due to pre-existing problems.

Forty-seven million Americans lack health care insurance coverage since two-thousand and eight President Campaign season. Soaring unemployment since then have caused the ranks of the uninsured to swell past fifty million in mid two-thousand and nine. By the Government funded healthcare it would provide access to medical services for all uninsured. Lower cost of Government healthcare will cause insurance coverage to be significantly more accessible to millions of individuals and businesses.

The Obama Care affects, not only you, but also your family in many ways. For example if you already have insurance; the Obama Care will allow you to add your children up to twenty- six years old to your health insurance plan. With this act, it will make sure your insurance company, will not drop you if you become sick, and it will not limit the coverage you receive over a lifetime. The Obama Act will give you the same protection, even if you have a pre- existing problems, if the insurance company denies you coverage, the State will provide you temporary coverage. Today, many concerned people have health insurance, are worried that their insurance will be canceled, forcing them to go on the Obama Care.

Most of the Companies that offer health insurance see this as a benefit to attract good employees. This way they do not have to contribute their share of payroll taxes.

Some Companies might find it more cost-effective, just to pay the penalty, due to knowing that their workers can get coverage on the exchange. According to the CBO estimates between three to five million employees might lose their existing plans, as a result. (CBO, 2012). But actually your premiums should go down over time, since the Obama Care is designed to lower health care cost.

In the Obama Care Policy, the pros for this is that Americans will have free choice of doctors and the right to use any hospital. Americans can rest with the thought of no more bills, in addition, co-pays and mainly no deductions. Americans, will be insured from the day you are born. You no longer have to worry about losing everything you have worked for, due to medical bills, cause you no longer will have to file for bankruptcies. Americans will now be able to get the health care they need, due to having insurance.

A lot of people in the world today, is very sick and is not able to get the medical attention they need, the sick can get better. Doctors and other medical professionals can focus on patient care, and no longer need to spend hundreds of wasteful hours annually dealing with insurance companies. Patients too, under government healthcare would never need to fritter inordinate amounts of frustrating time haggling with insurance companies.

In the cons on this Obama Care, is that it may actually raise the health care cost. People, who do not purchase insurance or may not qualify for Medicaid, will have to be assessed tax. While most Americans will wind up paying the tax, instead of purchasing health insurance. Our taxes will go up. The pharmaceutical companies will have to pay billions in fees over time to pay for the closing of the donut gap, in the Medicare Part D. This will cost our medicines prices to go up. People that already insurance and does not meet the standards, will have to purchase more. Families will only be able to deduct medical expenses that exceed certain limit.

“Federalism is the protection of Liberty of an individual from arbitrary power. Federalism is where the National and State governments share the authority that is derived from the people. (Levin-Waldman, 2012). In the Obama Care, the individual mandate is violating our personal Liberty and Federalism. On January 1, 2014, Congress is imposing a mandate on citizens to purchase a federally approved level of health insurance. But in our Federal system, the National government possesses only limited powers, the State and people retain the remainder.

Our founding Fathers set up a system of checks and balances, because they feared a legislature becoming too powerful. The three branches of our government, are not designed to be in adversarial, in order to protect the rights of the citizens from an over bearing government. This is the reason they fought for independence in the first place. Federalism requires choice and without choice there is nothing left of Federalism. By the Obama Care forcing us as citizens, to have some kind of insurance, to me that violates my rights as an individual. Citizens are now faced with questions as to whether to purchase insurance or pay the fine. In the Obama Care we no longer have any rights as Americans. In my opinion, the Supreme Court should rule the individual mandate unconstitutional and invalidate the entire program. If the Court could reach that conclusion, our country could continue on the path as founded.

In the conclusion of this Act, by 2014, everyone will be required to have insurance. Instead of waiting to go to the emergency room, people will be able to get the care they need. As before people was not able, due to the high cost of medical care. When these costs are transferred to insurance companies or prevented hospital cost, and the overall health care cost will drop. As in the essay, there will be no discrimination, hospital cannot take coverage from the sick, coverage cannot be denied due to pre-existed problems. The Obama Care will have lots of bits and pieces to work through as this Act goes into effect with the negative and positive aspects of this act. This Act affects us in so many ways to the Federal Deficit Reduction, to Tax Reductions, Medical Bankruptcies.


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