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The Olympic Games in Ancient Greece Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

Ancient Greece and Rome has influenced American culture and society specifically in government, sports, military, architecture, medicine, and math. The influence of Greece can be seen daily in the columns we observe on buildings such as The White House and Capitol Building. Rome has influenced the United States in our governmental practices through the sharing of a republic or a representative democracy. Greece and Rome both have contributed to America society in numerous ways that impact our daily lives from the Julian Calendar to 3.14, Pi.
A style of Greek architecture that is still used today is the columns.

The most famous example of Greek architecture is the Parthenon, a grand building with columns located in Athens. Today, columns are used in many public buildings such as churches and libraries. (8 Greek Influences) There are also columns in many monumental buildings including the Lincoln Memorial, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, United States Capitol, the White House, and many more. (8 Greek Influences)

Archimedes, Pythagoras, and Euclid of Alexandria are three men from Greece that changed lives for many people. Euclid is best known for his book, the Elements, which features more than 420 geometry theories. (World history textbook) Archimedes was known for accurately determining the value of Pi, and explaining the laws of the lever and pulley. Lastly, Pythagoras was the creator of the Pythagorean Theorem. (World History Textbook and 8 Greek Influences) The Pythagorean Theorem describes the relationship between the lengths of the legs and the hypotenuse of any right triangle.

The Olympic Games originated in Ancient Greece, and was held every four years in honor of Zeus. (The god of the S

ky and the Ruler of the Olympian Gods) ( 8 Greek Influences) Many years later, and the Olympic games

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are still being held and celebrated with over 200 countries participating. Roman literature has also impacted the United States. In fact, Rome was the cause of the spread of Latin language. Latin roots also form the foundation of a the majority of the English language. ( The Influences of the Roman Empire) Roman Art also influenced today\’s modern day society. The concept of pictures of the Roman Emperors on coins was a Roman idea. Now, on dollar bills , nickels, pennies, and dimes, some of our United States Presidents faces are displayed on a particular side, or both sides. ( The Influences of the Roman Empire)

The Ancient Greeks were also known for developing a writing system. The Greek alphabet is still used today.(8 Greek Influences) Greek letters are popularly used as mathematical symbols. The most common use of Greek letters are used in college fraternities and sororities, such as Alpha Kappa Alpha, Beta Sigma Phi, Delta Sigma Theta, Alpha Sigma Phi, and many more. The Greeks created the world’s very first democracy. In the beginning, Athens started out with a monarchy and then moved on to an oligarchy until it finally reached its height ane a democracy was formed. The democratic government consisted of over 4,000a assembly members. ( All of the members were adult males)

The assembly voted on issues throughout Athens. In order to banish someone, all votes were needed, but order for a law to just pass, the number of votes needed to be a majority. So basically, majority just needed to rule. In modern day terms, The United States uses a democracy. Instead of a Direct Democracy, we have a Representative Democracy in which citizens of The United States of America.

Romans had indictments and jury trials, similar to today\’s practices. Many defense techniques currently employed can also be traced back to Roman procedures. The idea of “innocent until proven guilty,” which underlies the United States \’ criminal justice system, also came from Rome. Also, the purpose of written law as a way to protect individuals from one another and from the power of the state is an inherently Roman idea. Legislation was first passed by the comitia, or the assembly of the citizens. It was then approved by the representatives of the upper class, or the senate, and issued in the name of the senate and the people of Rome . The United States of America, have since then used the republican Rome as a model for their own governments, requiring that all laws go through two legislative bodies. It is a pattern continued in almost every democratic constitution.

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