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Introduction of TOPIC

Parents are in trouble! Has there ever been anything more dangerous in my life? Not really, I don’t think I have ever got in a worse trouble. I was in trouble last summer in Miami Beach when I saw a shark approaching me in the ocean as I was swimming, it was actually just 5 feet away, but my electronic anti-shark device which I invented a couple of years ago & always carried with me in the water saved me at once. The shark turned away and swam away as fast as it only could. No, this trouble was so much worse, and the worst part was that I wasn’t prepared for it at all!

I have always been thinking of different inventions just to make sure my life is more comfortable, but now I had to invent some machines in order to rescue my own parents. It was a so much greater challenge for me, but I knew I would make it. I don’t know how long it took me to gather my thoughts about all the possible devices which could be used to rescue my Mom and Dad. First of all, I was just sitting motionless in the armchair for a while, after hearing on the phone that my parents were in such a trouble. After that I realized that I had to fight for them, and I rushed to my laptop. I thought I could find some hints on the web for such situations.

May be they happened to folks already and I could get some useful advice. I was looking on different search engines and checking my favorite sites, but unfortunately there was no single hint of what could possibly be done in this trouble. After that I realized that I could only hope for my own head and brains in it. I have been hearing so many times how smart I was- now I had a real chance to show everybody what I was worth. I started thinking and planning, and imagining, and as the result of all that, I came up with whole 3 fantastic products which could rescue my parents. Any inventor would envy my wonderful inventing skills, because I was sure those devices would help my parents very fast. I’m sure you all want to know what I have invented, and here I’m going to give an overview of my inventions:

  1. Multi-galaxy satellite positioning device with a screen function which lets me see the route which my parents have taken and their final destination.

The positioning device which I invented could not only search for my parents on the Earth but also in the whole galaxy if needed, and it could also trap their way before their final destination. The device got the signal from the satellites based on Mars, and those are the strongest ones in our galaxy as you know. The device looks very small, it can even be hidden in my hand if needed. The mechanism of its work is very simple. I have samples of my parents’ hair and skin, as well as their fingerprints at home (I decided to keep them just in case a situation like this occurs), and the positioning device sends the signal with this information to the satellite located on Mars. The signal is like a huge beam which finally reaches Mars’ satellite. The satellite starts tracking, and finally gives me the information. I can plug the positioning device into my computer and get on the screen all the pictures of the places where my parents have been and where they are now. I see all that like in a mirror- it’s a very useful invention.

As you know, I have already invented a similar thing for my pets but it was a very simple device, because my pets never went away too far from me. They were always around somewhere, just hid in the bushes sometimes, or swam in the pond, or flew in the sky. I only have a couple of pets- an alligator, a flying cow, and a raccoon who was mixed with a bear, so he is quite big. With my parents, it was more difficult because they were very far away, and I didn’t know their exact location. I couldn’t trust that man, I needed to check the location on my own.

Without this invention, I would never know that my parents were actually not in the capital of Madagascar anymore. Turns out, they were in the small island called Mauritius which was very close to Madagascar, but actually a completely different state. The man on

the phone was lying to me when telling about the capital of Madagascar because my parents were in a

much worse trouble. Mauritius is located a little bit to the east of Madagascar, and they have many wild animals, as well as lots of dangerous fish in the water. As far as my positioning device told me, my parents were escaping from Madagascar in a small boat, and the current took them to Mauritius where they could be eaten by many hungry cannibals. I needed to figure out some device to protect them from the cannibals on the island, as well as from the huge sharks which were swimming around the boat. I could also see my parents were very hungry and thirsty because they didn’t have anything in their boat. So, I have invented the following:

  1. A magic table-cloth which flies over the countries with the speed of the light, and brings all the necessities to my parents.

This table-cloth which I have invented was actually an original table-cloth which I took off my table, but I made a small engine for it so that it could move with the speed of light. I saw on my screen that my parents were already dying of heat, thirst, and hunger, so I needed to gather some food for them before I could get them back here. The table-cloth could squeeze as much food as I wanted into it, it was very large and it could become even larger on my wish. I put all of the nice food we had in the refrigerator- like fruit, yogurt, some ham, cheese, a couple of pastries and salads, didn’t forget about Coke, water and orange juice.

All of them fit into the table-cloth very easily. They I have decided that they might need my anti-shark device just in case- because sharks can get really annoying as you know. So, I put it in the middle of the table-cloth as well. I decided that they could probably need a couple of umbrellas against the sun, so I fit all that into my magic table-cloth as well. Now I didn’t have to worry about my parents for a while. The table-cloth closed so that nothing could fall out of it, and started its way to my parents as soon as I pushed the ‘Go’ button. According to my calculations, the table-cloth had to get to the necessary place in about 5 minutes, at least not any later. There could be a hurricane raising somewhere not too far from the islands, so that could slow down the table-cloth for half a minute, but overall I could be very exact. I re-sent the information to the Mars satellite in a few minutes and got an updated picture of my parents. They were already sitting in the boat under the umbrellas, there were no sharks around, and they were eating and drinking.

Now I had some time to start inventing my final device to get to my parents as fast as possible. Unfortunately, the aircraft which we had in the garage was a little bit too slow and I was afraid it couldn’t get to my parents fast enough. So, I decided to make a new one which could be better for my needs. As a result, I invented my last device.

  1. An aircraft equipped with a very powerful engine letting it fly with the speed of lightening.

This aircraft is not just an ordinary one because it also connects to my Mars satellite device so that it goes to the exact location of my parents, which refreshes every 10 seconds. I’m not a pilot, that is why it’s impossible for me to guide it in a correct way. It has an automatic function of refreshing my parents’ location all the time so that the automatic pilot leads the aircraft to their exact location. Since I like comfort and always want to impress my Mom, I made this aircraft with a nice bedroom so that she could lie down there for a while after the terrible trip she had to make. There is also a TV-set on board the aircraft & billiards in case my Dad wants to play while we are flying. The aircraft isn’t afraid of any hurricanes, so I didn’t have to worry about the hurricane of category 5 which was right about to start over the coast of Mauritius. However, I needed to hurry a lot in order not to let my parents sink in the ocean.

The rescue of my parents was much easier than I imagined because I planned everything extremely well. When I arrived, the storm was just right about to start, and there were gray clouds gathering in the sky. However, my parents weren’t worried at all because they knew I would be back soon after my magic table-cloth. The scared away all the sharks, ate all the food and were ready for the trip back home. At the time when I reached them, my Mom was sunbathing on the boat because she knew they would be rescued so soon. So, we all got into my aircraft, and went back home. It was the easiest flight I have ever experienced. Even though we were in a completely opposite side of the world, we were at home in less than an hour. We would come much earlier, but my Mom wanted to look at the Eiffel Tower and have a drink in the restaurant on top of it, so we had to stop there for half an hour. How can I deny my Mom of that small pleasure after she went through kidnapping?

The trip was very safe for me, but I should say that some positive and some negative events occurred as the result of me using the inventions. The positive are:

  • My parents were rescued and got home safely;
  • Not a single creature in the water, air or on the Earth was killed as the result of my rescue operation;
  • From now on we always fly to Paris for Sunday brunch in my super fast aircraft;
  • The Ministry of International Relations got interested in my magic table-cloth product. They want me to patent it and let them use it to send help to people in need in poor countries, or when somebody experiences some cataclysms.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of negative things which resulted from the rescue operation:

  • The kidnappers are mad at me and want to take revenge:
  • I have used too much energy for the positioning device based on Mars satellite which fortunately can’t result in the energetic crisis;
  • My anti-shark device has scared all the sharks in the Indian Ocean and now I’m getting complaints from all the organizations which protect life in the ocean;
  • My aircraft has polluted the atmosphere a little, so I have to make sure I re-equip it with devices which prevent pollution.

Despite some negative effects of the operation, I think that overall it was a successful one and I’m really proud of myself for rescuing my parents. If something like that happens once again, I have no doubt that I will be able to help them even faster. What would they do without me?

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