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Have you ever thought about what is Computer Literacy? I didn’t know what it was till the beginning of this class. I was unsure about computer literacy and what it would teach me. This class has taught me that it’s not just about the future of technology but how to use the current technology that we have to offer. In this paper I will be talking about Mobile Computing and were we are today. Mobile computing is a portable technology to access the internet while on the go instead of sitting in front of your desktop computer and it makes it easier. The different types of mobile computing that is out there are portable CD and DVD players, cell phones, iPads, laptops, netbooks, and even Wi-Fi which is a portable internet source that you can use to get onto the internet.

The cell phone has bloomed and advanced so much from the time it was invented in 1973 till the now. The original cell phone was a huge phone but all it did was makes calls not like the current cell phones now; which allows you to send text messages. There are four different types of cell phones since they have been created and they are 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G which the 4G just came out not that long ago. The technology has grown so much on cell phones or also known as mobile phones.

Another category of mobile computing is the laptop which was first released in September 1975 the first portable computer also known as a laptop was IBM 5100. They are not sure who invented this but shortly after its release it was discontinued in 1978. They’ve had better success with different types of laptops including in the 80s they started using the flip screen laptops which was called the Dulmont Magnum that came out in Australia. Another flip laptop that was famous was called GRiD Compass 1100 which NASA and the US Military used. It was worth at the time when it came out in 1982 was $8,150. From the time the first laptop came out to now with the Macbook which is sleek and slim this technology has grown as well.

Mobile computing has changed dramatically from 1970s till present day with Android phones, iPads and iPods, portable CD and DVD players which have made this day in age’s technology amazing. I’m sure no one in the 1970’s or 1980’s would have thought we would be were we are today with the mobile computing and how popular it is.


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