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What do people think of technology? Some say “Technology is the key to correcting our Problems.” And others think “It’s ruining our social media and health.” Advancing technology Has positive on a plenty of things but it does have a negative impact on the minority of things.

Here are the three positive things about the growth of technology and they are modes of transport, reduced risk to human life, and advertising methods. The transportations had been evolved from the idea of having four wheeled modes of transport for cars and bicycles transformed into motorbikes. Also technology had improved medical care with artificial intelligence and robotics to help increase the survival rate of people in each country. Finally, the internet brought a positive energy on advertising industries and it had become more effective on product promotion. As a result, the evolution of technology has been an influence to a lot of job fields in a positive way.

Technology may be amazing on a lot of levels, but it does have a negative impact on social media, education, and health. Social media is one of the side effects from the negative impact of technology and here’s why. Because it can make the person more dependent on technology and less social on personal contract. Academics is another area of focus when students who spend too much time on watching TV or playing video games can effect on the academic performances than students who are active and involved in extracurricular activities. Lastly, health is another concern of technology’s problem with sixteen percent of children ages six to nineteen who are highly overweight and a good chance of developing type two diabetes. In short, technology has its flaws when it comes up to social media but it be properly used.

Despite the pros and cons of technology, here’s the three examples of the changes what technology impacted, they are travel agency, satellite, and workplace rules. Travel agency had evolved a lot thanks to the information technology, it make the modern travel agency both beneficial and harmful. The satellite TV and radio had eased the broadcasting of events across the globe. Lastly, the rules has changed in the workplace, thanks to the flexible schedules, more duties and responsibilities are accomplished. In conclusion, technology has made positive changes to the global economy.

In the end, the evolution of technology is both beneficial and detrimental to humanity, but what’s the path is technology is leading to and why? The answer is still yet to be told.

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