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This is associated with malicious programming attacks on the Internet. For example personal data can be stolen online, things like your credit card details so the hacker can use that to purchase things. If the hacker gets access to the site and breaks the encryption then they can access customer details. Product Description Problems –

Most customers worry that the product description may be wrong and not accurate, especially for colours of an or certain features. The quality of the product as shown may be just a new picture of it when the seller may be selling a slightly more damaged and used product. E-Commerce sites may exaggerate the products in order to try and get people to purchase the products. Viruses –

A virus is a type of malware that can damage your computer system. A virus can damage your manufactures computer system by destroying it and change how it works. A Trojan is a hacking program and can damage your manufactures computer system by using executable files/programs which once opened will perform certain ‘actions’ to damage your system. Another example of a virus is a worm, which is a small program that moves through a computer system randomly altering or overwriting pieces of data as it moves. More on Viruses & Firewalls –

The site can be hacked and data can be stolen and utilised for their own reasons like getting the credit card details of customers and using it to buy items also with the confidential data. What measures can be taken to protect the web server holding your Manufactures e-commerce website from viruses? The measures could be to use firewalls; a firewall is either a software application or a hardware device. It acts as a shield between your computer/s and the rest of the Internet. The purpose of this is to control and keep safe of all the incoming and outgoing network traffic by carefully checking the data packets and confirming if it should be allowed or discontinued. It protects the site by always checking the data that will come in and out to see which is good to use and which is dangerous or harmful to keep all the data safe. They can overcome the threats of bank fraud for all types of cards, also the fear of losing valuable data to strangers & it protects private local area networks (LAN) from opposed breaches. Identify Theft –

This is when someone uses another person’s details, like name and personal info to get access to their credit cards or other personal details. This can be a threat to an e-commerce system because if a person gets all access to the customer’s details and then they will be in danger of losing money and many other bad things if a single person gets access to private information. Someone could do this by using a similar site name to the actual one you’re looking for, for example a fake baking website, which would then steal your account details if you sign in to the phishing.

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