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Anything can go wrong if the law enforcers fail to communicate well.  Terrorists can attack the nation anytime without proper communication among the police organization (Magaw, 2002, p.8).       Another building may collapse if police won’t be more careful in dealing with other service agents (Law Enforcement News, 2002. p. 1). False information may be leaked by media without vigilant communication strategies (Chemak & Weiss, 2005, p. 501). A disaster can turn out to be worse than it really is without seamless communications ( Kistner, 2002, p. 17).

            All these simply mean that law enforcement agencies can create more problems if the people involved do not know how to communicate properly and effectively.

            Communicating is not simply talking.  In fact, a law enforcer can communicate even without a single word.  The mere presence of police officers in a certain area already communicates something to the citizens.  This sensitivity to the significance of communication in the practice of the professions should be inculcated in the senses of the law enforcers.

            The whole nation relies on the police officers for safety and security which are both among the basic needs of the citizens.  For this reason, police organizations ought to keep communication lines – both internal and external, and horizontal and vertical — open, fast, reliable, and effective.  This can be possible by strengthening team work among the members of the agency.

            For an agency that serves the citizens, all sorts of conflicts should be eliminated, if not be reduced.  After all, the law enforcers are here to protect the people, not their own interest.


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