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Every individual has its own dreams and goals in life. Each of them often thinks of something for this dream or goal should come to pass; such as reading. The Power of Focus by Jack Canfield teaches the reader some keys which is the focusing strategies that has a potential to lead one to success. The  author  of  this  book divide these focusing strategies into ten logical areas. These are habits, focus, goals (seeing the big picture), balance, relationships, asking for what you want, persistence, confidence, decisive action, and purpose. At the end of each chapter the Action Steps sections were quite effective in engaging the reader in thinking about the material as well as beginning to apply this material to their own life’s journey.


According to the author’s view that successful people have successful habits and unsuccessful people don’t. Taking this thought from the level of individual to organization the same statement can be made for example; successful organizations or companies have successful habits and unsuccessful organizations don’t. In the process of leading or managing for success, it makes tremendous sense to review one’s organization to see what habits are working for example; adding value to the process and what habits are not working. All too often organizations and people within an organization fall into habitual behavior, which is actually not benefiting either, the organization or the customers (stakeholders) served by that organization. Examples of these types of non-productive habits such as long disorganized meetings, sloppy communications, lack of process discipline, and failure to document quality checks. Equally important is the need to reinforce good habits both at the individual level and within groups. The most important thing in this process is the need to keep in mind the author’s admonition that before you can change a habit, you need to first check how long you or the organization have owned it.  The author’s position that one should  focus  on their natural talents or strengths to help insure success.


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