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Upon the conclusion of World War One, much of Europe was in a shambles. In Germany, the nation was suffering from severe economic depression as well as a depressed spirit all resulting from the catastrophic loss in the Great War. From this, Adolf Hitler rose to power largely on the basis that he would return Germany to its past glory. At the center of Hitler’s plan for a return to greatness was the desire to expand the empire militarily. One of the step steps Hitler had taken was a massive military build up of the Rhineland as well as brief military incursions into neighboring countries.

Many in Europe were alarmed over this militarization, but there was a desire to handle Hitler diplomatically. PM Chamberlain (of Britain) desired to avoid confrontation and negotiated a deal with Hitler claiming the achievement of “peace in our time” as Hitler had agreed to be content with his minor annexations of countries. History has proven that Britain made a MONUMENTAL mistake in misreading Hitler’s intention.

            Hitler’s “National Socialism” was in dire need of natural resources in order to keep the economy of Germany afloat and it was his intention of annexing and controlling the nations of Western Europe. While Britain and France were targets, they did not realize the severity of the situation and eventually were marked as expansion targets.

Hitler later allied with the Soviet Union and invaded Poland. This action leads to the declaration of war on Germany by France and Britain. This was the start of World War Two and, in a surprise action Germany would turn on the USSR leading to the Soviets allying with Britain and France.

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