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The purpose of human rights legislation is to protect the rights, freedoms, and responsibilities of the individual. It protects individuals against discrimination. It gives people the freedom of conscience and religion, freedom of speech, freedom of peaceful assembly along with many others b)

Canadian charter of rights and freedoms:
1. Freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression
2. Freedom of conscience and religion Ontario human rights code
1. Protect everyone from racial harassment
2. Sexual harassment. Discrimination Employment standards act:
1. Treat others with respect
2. Don’t discriminate and harass others

1. Freedom of conscience and religion: this might be violated by encouraging and facilitating places and promoting them. For instance, temples, churches, mosques, etc. they should be built in or near every community 2. Freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression: this might be violated by letting the people have their say. There should be no biased opinions or stereotypes. Every individual should have the right to speak their thoughts and share their beliefs and values. Everyone should be open minded and should have the tolerance and potential to listen and respect others opinions, values and beliefs. Media should not have biased beliefs; they should be neutral as people express themselves through media. 3. Protect everyone from racial harassment: individuals of different races should be encouraged to take part in different festivals. Different festivals should be organized for everyone to bring people from every race together. This way everyone will feel welcomed and will have a positive feeling.

No one should be denied to get a job based on their race, no matter what type of job, if a person is qualified and has the experience required, he/she should get the job. God made us all equal, and we have no right to judge anyone 4. Sexual harassment. Discrimination: when someone becomes a victim of any type of harassment, he/she should immediately file a complaint. They should make a written record of what happened, when it happened, what was said or done, etc. they should also call Ontario Human Rights commission for advice. By this, they will take an action and the culprit might get caught. Also by taking action, everyone will know that the society no more tolerates sexual harassment and will take action to stop it. 5. Don’t discriminate or harass others: this might be violated by creating laws and regulations for everyone working. There should be no favoritism and no inequality. Everyone should get fair wages. No one should get denied to get the job based on their race, language, culture, beliefs, etc. harassing others must not be tolerated Treat others with respect: this might be violated by reporting any disrespectful act as it is against ones rights. Workers have the right to get respect and should not be treated disrespectfully

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