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Malaysia as we know it is one of the multi-racial country. Among the three main races in Malaysia Chinese, Malays and Indians have lived in this land for five centuries. In addition, about 80 ethnic and six sub – ethnic groups, especially in East Malaysia . But 1 out of 6 sub-ethnic, have special customs, speech, traditions and food . So i ,Rizwana Bt Jurij as “Oghang Rao” will introduce my tribe to you. The title I will present is “the Rao Tribe”.Rawa or Rao is a term given to a Malay community living in the Malay Peninsula, now the West Malaysia. It is common for the Rao to identify themselves as Oghang Rao or even Rao. Rao is a group of community people Minangkabau , which adopts a matrilineal and tribes live. Content:

1. Main point: Rao became public appeal LUHAK Nan Tigo , since the discovery of gold mines in the area. a. Subpoint : Since then the flock, the people of Agamand Lima Puluh Kota to live here. In the mid-18th century, many of the people who migrated to Rao Tapanuli to be a teacher and trader. They are also down Rokan River and Kampar , to go wander to Riau and continue to Malaysia . i. Sub – subpoint : In Malaysia, most of them settled in Negeri Sembilan , Pahang and Perak . Gopeng, one small town in Perak, a place inhabited Rao Diaspora origin. 2. Main point : Initial migrants in 5th century were farmers. b. Subpoint : The liberal commercial climate in Malaya at 15th century encourage more Rao or Rawa traders to Malaya. c. Subpoint : Moreover , The discovery of gold in 17th century, and tin in 18th century saw the mass flow of migrants to Malaya through the strait settlement(Singapore, Malacca & Penang). d. Subpoint : Further mass migration flow to Malaya started after Perang Padri or Padri War(1816-1833)in Sumatra during the Dutch rule. ii. Sub – subpoint : The majority of them were from the royal families, religious teachers, soldiers and generals. Some families came to Malaya about 40 years after Tuanku Imam Perang Bonjol has been defeated by the Dutch in 1838, i.e about 1878. The war with the Dutch began in 1821 was called Padre War ( Perang Paderi ).

3. Main point : However, the uniqueness of their identity is a popular traditional food Kelamai or Gelamai that so popular during Ramadan and lebaran. e. Subpoint : By the term Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Kelamai is equal to dodol kind of cake while kelamai as pasties made of glutinous rice flour,sugar and coconut milk. f. Subpoint : It actually can be considered lemang but called kelamai because it have different ingredients but almost the same technique. iii. Sub – subpoint : The differences of lemang and kemalai is the skin of kelamai bamboo or bamboo eve will be removed from bamboo and burned in its original condition. The type of bamboo is much larger and has a short segment than reed bamboo cylinder with a long segment. Kelamai can be stored and lasts for several months. g. Subpoint : The process of preparing this kelamai require a long period , the materials are completed blended will marinated for three days before being put into the bamboo. iv. Sub – subpoint : This is to ensure the material is more smooth and forms a specific pattern on kelamai.

4. Main point : Among the best known tradition of the Rawa is Adet Berjojak (Adat Berjejak). h. Subpoint : Every child who reaches the age of one has to undergo this ritual before setting foot on land outside his / her home village. v. Sub – subpoint : Seven types of flowers, mother turmeric, gold ring, clay, gong, candles and fireworks – all neatly arranged in a tray with a yellow cloth marked the beginning of adat Berjojak.Yellow rice and the other ingredients will be touched at the child’s palm and feet. A bit of water will be sprinkled at the child. vi. Sub – subpoint : Meanwhile ,the gong will be played and tumeric will be touched at the child’s forehead , as well as the chest, joints ,palms and feet. The child’s made to walk on a mat strewn with petals of seven flowers. This is repeat for 3 times. The feet will be touched to the clay. Lastly , A medicine man (dukun or bomoh) performs special prayers for the child’s well-being.

5. Main point : The Rao people are sub-ethnic from the Malay race who speaks with a slight different dialect from the standard Bahasa Melayu (Malay Peninsula Standard), similar to the other variations of Bahasa Melayu dialects around Malaysia. i. Subpoint : The Rao dialect is well preserved in Gopeng for many of its Malay residents is very concern for conserving the Rao dialect. j. Subpoint : The Rao people speaks Malay with a certain words and dialect resembles the Negeri Sembilan Malay Minangkabau community. k. Subpoint : Among the most notable suffixes used by the Rao is kuak, sang, tang. For instance, sinun means there, godang/bosar means besar,siko means here, Ompek ringgit sang means “four ringgit only”.

Conclusion :
For ending of this topic, I would like to say that, this sub – ethnic become extint due to the people that not concern about the history of his descendant . Nowadays, we can see young generation is negligent with the current modernization. I hope from my speech I have provided today give more information to you about this tribe. Thank you.

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