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America is soon to approach a great turning point. Once every four years people from all walks of life are given the opportunity to decide how they want the future to play out. With the November election closing in, the American people have a critical choice to make, vote Democrat or vote Republican? Vote for traditional conservative morals or for new age liberal ideas? Vote for the protection of Constitutional

of Constitutional rights or for limited individual freedoms? While each political party promotes a very different stance on current issues, only one offers a candidate with the morality and experience to effectively run our country. With a Republican in the White House, and the protection from enemies, immoral behavior, and financial depression, our country can grow and prosper exactly as our founding fathers had intended it to.

In history, our country has been led by many respected Republican men. The likes of Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and Ronald Reagan all belonged to the Republican Party, and each practiced the values and stances of the party in their own presidency. Each encouraging social conservatism, supporting financial conservatism, and maintaining libertarianism as a means of upholding America’s historical reverence and good standing. Currently, Republicans have taken positions which support religion, a safe homeland, and the financial state of our country, as well as views about Constitutional rights and the increasing national debt. As a whole, Americans need a leader who will advocate these standpoints in the future for this country to continue on a path to peace and securing a superior place in the ever changing world we live in.

One imperative issue is that America has become an extremely liberal nation, on the verge of what many would call moral failure. With pro-abortion, pro-embryonic stem cell research, and pro-same sex marriage views, we have developed into a country unconnected with the very God who has blessed us with our freedoms and prosperity. For the state of America to flourish through the individuals who call it home, a leader with a strong faith is an absolute necessity. By promoting God, rather than removing Him from schools and government, we can teach the honest traditional views that our country was built upon. If our President directs this country with the religious discipline to do good things and to be good people, Americans will surely follow his lead. By encouraging religion from the highest office, our country is led by an example of wholesome respectable faith, rather than the latest trend in science, society, or the political world.

National security and the Iraqi War are even larger scale issues. Having spent five long years at war in Iraq and with no visible end in sight, our country has become a nation split over the future of both the Iraqi people and our own soldiers fighting on the warfront.  While we have come so far, there is still a long way to go before we will secure the freedoms of Iraqi citizens and the safety of our own soil. Americans need a leader who has the bravery to continue fighting for the cause at hand. A President with the backbone to stand up for the sovereignty that Americans so believe in, will guide our country to a place of safety and Iraq to a land of free will and opportunity. While democratic presidential nominees stress the recoil of American troops, Republicans have confidence in the task and believe that victory is within reach. It is essential for the future of our nation that our leader shares this faith of the Republican Party and President Bush. Furthermore, we deserve a leader who has honest military experience, who makes decisions based on real life knowledge rather than ideas or opinions. The Republican candidate for the presidency encompasses that so crucial experience, as well as the potential to reunite an America divided by making the War in Iraq an unparalleled issue to all others, and eventually putting the fighting to an end altogether.

An added dilemma this election year is the financial state of our country. The cost of living has increased dramatically for our people in recent times. With gas prices skyrocketing, so has the price to live, work, and survive. Middle class Americans have found themselves in a full blown housing crisis with devastating effects. Our country is falling into what can only be described as a financial recession, and America deserves a leader who has the capability to refurbish our diminishing economy. The Republican Party believes in lower government spending and a lower national debt, which will help America back on its feet. The Republican candidate for the presidency holds these same values to the utmost importance. With plans to eliminate careless government spending by evaluating programs, he will lift our country out of debt, and put it back into a comfortable place of financial security.  Additionally, the Republican candidate has developed a strategy to help Americans on an individual basis, by lowering taxes for the middle class and taking a stance to eliminate the outsourcing of American jobs. For our country to prosper financially, a president with a full proof plan to eradicate the debt of America and of its people is a critical need.

A principal concern in our country is the protection of our individual rights, freedoms that were given to each of us by the United States Constitution, and those of which should not be taken away. With violence on the rise across America, gun control has become a topic of debate between Democrats and Republicans. While Democratic candidates urge restrictions on gun ownership in our country, Republicans believe in the second amendment right to bear arms. The Republican Candidate for the presidency shares this passion for protecting the rights given to us by our founding fathers. With a Democratic President, harsher gun laws are a certain result. With these limitations on our personal liberties comes the practice of refusing to comply with the Constitution that has governed us since the creation of our country. A leader who respects that fundamental document will carry out his presidency in a manner consistent with the vision of the great men who wrote it.

Through out time, Republicans have stressed a conventional means to ruling our country, and through out time, that system has performed beautifully. By casting a vote for the Republican nominee for the presidency, those respected traditional values will be maintained. Immoral behaviors such as same-sex marriage, stem cell research, and abortion will remain closed matters. Further, the state of our great nation is extremely vulnerable this election year, and only a Republican can repair America’s security and financial instabilities. At the same time holding true to the rights and freedoms of all of the people who call this country home, and protecting our individual personal liberties. While a vote for a Democrat promises change, what America needs most is the consistency and stability of the Republican Party. Whether or not that dependability comes is left up to the voters, however it can only continue with a Republican in The White House.  The only path to national safety, financial security, and a moral existence comes in the form of a Republican man who has what it takes to be the forty-fourth president of The United States of America.

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