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Who would’ve thought that one of the most respected men in America back in 2001 would be one of America’s most unfavorable men today? If Americans knew in November 2004 what they know now, John Kerry would probably be president.  Just think…we would most certainly have more soldiers, who would otherwise be deployed, here at home for the holidays celebrating liberty and Heinz ketchup for all.

Actually, what happened two Novembers’ ago resulted in President George W. Bush leading our country for a second term. America spoke, and America listened. In all fairness, both parties’ focus was to create a better America…the only difference was “approach.” With ideas on “Ushering in an Ownership Era” (Bush, p. 39), and “Standing up for the Great American Middle Class” (Kerry, p. 24), the real issue in the 2004 election was who was going to have a better outcome with the War on Terror.

A big issue then, and a big issue today, Americans believed victory in Iraq was a key factor for having a better America. President Bush had proven he was an “action man” by placing troops in Iraq in March of 2003, and Americans believed that he was the man who would get the job done. He had proven that he was an “action” man by actually taking action. Sure…there were plenty of people who thought they could change America by tackling different issues…like Yehanna Joan M.M. Malone, Republican Presidential candidate out of D.C., who claimed to be a Representative of God.  She wanted to better the country by bringing God into everyone’s lives (Guzburger, p. 2). While having God in our lives could probably change plenty of people, Michael Callis, Republican Presidential candidate out of New Hampshire, believed that things would be better in the Middle East, if “Israel was viewed as a country, and not as a religious state” (Guzburger, p.2). Then there was Millie Howard, Republican Presidential candidate out of Ohio, who ran on the notion that “…government needs to be moral, and the rest will fall into place,” (Guzburger, p.2). She may have a good point.  But what would politics be if government was moral?

When all is said and done, the 2004 Republican platform played a small role in the Republican victory. Feel good issues, such as molding stronger communities, was about as equally important as resolving the outrageous deficit dilemma that our next president will have the pleasure of resolving.  While touching base with issues that a few Americans still cared about kept the 2004 election in line, the fact that President Bush had a grip on the War on Terror is what won his second term in office.

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