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The Role of Happiness and Emotions Essay Sample

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The Role of Happiness and Emotions Essay Sample

There is no right or wrong definition for the role of happiness. The main requirement is that your true feelings and emotions are the workhorse for the pursuit of happiness. However, the role of happiness includes everything required for you to be as happy as possible. Once you define what happiness means for you personally, therefore, you will be in a much better position to identify the steps required to get there by creating your own happiness. What is creating your own happiness? I noticed for many years I myself have also questioned what is happiness? I’ve seen happiness for those with money, status, and education. Does that define the role of happiness; whereas, I’ve noticed that materialism is the American dream for most. Some might embrace in order to accomplished happiness is because of their accolades. Their status depicts the lifestyle they have chosen for themselves that being materialism seems as a façade. Mistaken materialistic items for happiness is where the search for the pursuit of happiness gets confusing, so do we measure our self accomplishments with materialism when we reach that greater level of happiness. How do we measure happiness?

Is it by the things we own, or the materials we possess. I strongly believe the role of happiness is within self spirit happiness is the essence of what motivates you, what guides you through your everyday life. If a person is happiest, as oppose to the next who isn’t does that make them better than you and I? On the other hand, a person with or without those materialistic distractions are they entitled to live a better life than you and I is it the question of who is at best? We as humans mistake that greater level self-happiness with items and possessions. Material items will cause happiness to some people, but will have negative effects. I agree that the role of happiness has a negative connotation; therefore, the negative effect of happiness seems impossible to obtain. Seems as long journey and forever far to reach with the distractions of material items. The role of happiness should be a pure form of our very own spirit it should define what character portrays us as moral beings. Who has made the claim that happiness is easy to obtain?

In reality the role of happiness is up to the individual who seeks it. A spiritual journey one might struggle with, for the rest of their lives. The role of happiness has neither positive, nor negative effect whether if you use it for bad or for good, it really does not make any difference. However, in universal and in spiritual sense happiness does exist whether a person uses their happiness for positive or negative reasons. An individual has sought out the role of happiness overall, it is about what really makes you happy. The existence of happiness is entirely on the individual who seeks to accomplish the journey and discover what makes them happy. All in all the role of happiness is about the self-happiness a person seeks, and according to their moral views. Therefore, happiness will differ from each individual. My definition on the role of happiness is not a personal mission, statement, or declaration of your purpose in life. It is much more basic and self-focused. It simply means answering the question of what would make you a happy person if your life included everything.

Is money, wealth, or the things money can buy or do important? Or is having a purpose or contributing something to the world a factor? The role of Emotion is the desire. Emotion directs logic; therefore, logic serves emotion. Occasionally we as individuals will usually use logic to stifle a desire, but even then it’s usually just calling attention to the likely hood that the desired action will result in a consequence we find emotionally unpleasant. In other words, logic is weighting a present emotional response against a future one, whereas, logic serves an emotion. The heart desires, the mind acquires. Logic is in essence the process of figuring out how to get something we desire. Say the cure for a failing country is the character of man. It starts with each of us growing a moral and spiritual backbone. The work has to start on the inside and work its way out as a manifestation of character. Without authentic and noble character, all else has little meaning. Many people put far too much emphasis on a position, titles or credentials.

Often they are defined by that title. I live in Hoboken, New Jersey and majority of Hoboken’s residents worked in financial service companies and initially, many define themselves by what they have. Many I’ve noticed are not in a position to find happiness, but are happiness by pure material items and the credentials they hold as job titles and status. Many times, I asked a few friends from the financial world what they did for a living, and they responded with hymns and haws and made up titles. The titles they gave me were adopted “personal financial analyst” and etc. I notice when you ask someone what they do, the bigger the title the more it is said proudly. I’m not saying not to be proud of what you do just to be proud of the person behind the title, or just be yourself, and a person of high moral values that does not let a title or accolades define the type of person you are.

However, reputation is very important to many people. They run around trying to protect their reputation. How can that be done? I strongly believe your reputation is made up from the opinions of others. It’s their opinion not yours. Trying to shape everyone’s thought of you is not only futile, but also causes you to lose yourself and lose your success to a role of happiness. It becomes hard for you to tell the difference between who you are and what people think you are. Celebrities are often advised not to read their own press. You can’t make everyone happy and you can’t please everyone. Reputation is theirs, and character is yours.

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