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In lieu of a slow economy recovery and highly competitive local market, mid-size companies should take advantage of opportunities in the global markets by getting involved in the international stage. There is no doubt that there is an imminent risk of expanding any business to foreign countries, especially given the fact that there are different cultural, geographic, and political differences. Business leaders who do not increase their sight to global markets are very likely to fall behind their competitive edge or peers. Todays’ mid-market companies are noticing the effect of a regulated environment, managing global risks, uncertain economic outlook, and the increasing cost associated to investing in new markets. These challenges continue to affect these companies and diminish the need that they have to define a detailed business plan. Mid-size companies should view the global markets as an opportunity to expand their business by encouraging a strategy that would allow them measure their success. A high percentage of the US mid-sized companies doing global business are already in agreement that this global reach represent a key component in their economic grow.

It is critical for today’s business leaders, to take the command on this respect in order to increase the odds to successfully achieve the company global expansion objectives. Companies that have a focused leadership in their global expansion are more likely to achieve their expansion to new market than the ones that don’t promote this initiative. However, not too many companies provide that level of support and visibility to their global strategy. As leader, we should be alert of the pitfalls that we encounter in today’s economic climate and the issues that we will face in the future in this changing economy. We should continue to review our strategy and make sure that we translate them into executable actions. Mid-size companies’ executives show that they are placing more focus on global business expansion as a way to increase the company growth than they did in earlier years.

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