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I once heard a song by Cock Sparrer, and in that song are the lines, “Because you’re young, you’re torn between a world of hate, and a world of dreams; so much to lose, so much to gain; so much to fight for, so much to change.”. I then realized that the youth has so much potential to make a difference, we have the power to make a change. We have the capability of raising the status of our country. It all depends on how we want our future to be. Decide if you want to be a plain citizen of The Phillipines, or if you want to make a difference.

Before anything else, what is nation building? Nation building refers to the process of engaging all citizens in helping improve economic prosperity and political stability. How could us youth with such little experience help with nation building? Although we can do only so little in this moment, the future depends in our hands. What we lack of skills and power, we make up with ambition. Though we may think we can do only little, the truth is, what we do affects the future greatly.

As mere youngsters, with so little experience, we have so much to go through. Our knowledge about the world is so limited. We have so much to discover, but this does not limit our potentials, the youth of today can do so much more. We have the widest imaginations, the most creative minds. We should utilize this as much as we can.

Study hard! Words we often hear from adults. It is our role to study hard not only for ourselves, but also for our nation. How can this help in our economic growth you may ask. If the youth of today study hard, surely they will have a bright future. More successful citizens equals the rate or employment to become higher. We know that in getting a job, more companies, corporations, etc. prefer people with good education.

If only the generation today find that the key to the success of the country and the key to their success are identical. Their accomplishment is also the accomplishment of their country. Remember, the citizens are the soul and heart of a country. Meaning, The kind of people in a nation defines what it really is.

At the age of 15, teenagers are already eligible for votation in the Sangguniang Kabataan or SK. At such an early age, we are already practicing our right to vote for fellow youths like us to lead the community of young people in our communities. This will eventually prepare to bigger responsibilities of voting the right people who will lead us, not just people we idolize for no valid reason. We will not only be given the chance to vote, but we will also be given the chance to be elected. As long as we can comply with what the position asks for and if we have the passion to lead, there is no reason not to try.

It is our duty not only to us but also to our country to become a citizen that will help build a nation that will prosper; a nation that will not only become economically prosperous and has stability in the government, but also a nation that will ensure that its citizens are provided everything that they deserve. We should form a country that will withstand any problem, difficulty, or crisis by training the youth of today to become leaders.

“I have a suggestion to make. Let us declare 2013 as year of ‘Inspiration to the Youth’ and start a revolution towards a better Philippines. Let it be everyone’s duty to inspire and motivate our younger generation and create the kind of future leaders that this nation deserves.” Jane Jacquelie P. Vestil said. Truly, we could not sculpt the youth without inspiration. It is a challenge to the older generation to show the youth today that they really are the key to change. Show today’s generation that the country’s future depends on them. Motivate; show the youngsters that with leadership and guidance, we can build a nation that will prosper. The future of any nation can be seen in the kind of youth that country has. We are the faces of the future. It is up to us if we want that future to be a prosperous one; a future that you can be proud of, or a future that does not seem to grow. We hold the fate of our nation in our hands. Let us show that we are capable of making the future a bright one. This is what Sagrado is doing, transforming students into leaders, guiding the youth to the right path, a path towards success. Now as another batch of leaders leave the hallways of CSCJ, another batch of the youth will be transformed. The future depends on our hands, my hands, your hands, inspire all others to make a change, and build a nation with love, passion, and leadership.

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