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Introduction of TOPIC

Horacio Nelson is really one of the most remarkable admiral in the history, because he was the one who provided with the British domination over seas for the whole century. Being brave, talented leader, Nelson was the founder of those traditions, which are still used in the British Royal Fleet. I think the most exact definition was given by King of Arms, who said the following at Nelson’s funeral: “He was the hero, who at the moment of victory died in the action with undying glory”.

When Nelson was 20 years old, he took command of one of English vessels and became the youngest captain of the British Fleet. When English-French war started, he was sent to Mediterranean fleet and the next twelve years he multiplied his glory and became the national hero of England.

The main things in his military success were his personal courage and ability to raise the competitive spirit of his people. One of examples of his courage is when on April 2, 1801 he entered Copenhagen harbor with 12 vessels and won a victory over the fleet of 16 Danish vessels. The battle was quite hard and there we

re a lot of cannon-balls in the air. Parker made a signal to Nelson that there is time to retreat in

order to survive. Then Nelson put a spyglass to his blind eye and told to his subordinates: “I’m blind in one eye, so I have the right not to see everything”. He became the winner till the end of the day, and got the title of viscount instead of penalty for insubordination.

Nelson’s last words before he died were: “So, now I’m satisfied. Thanks God, I did my duty”.

Apart from tremendous tactical and strategic skills, which were especially seen during the Trafalgar battle (first of all the ability to concentrate the battle strength and ability to make maneuvers), he had a gift of leader, who was able to gain victory even while experiencing very unfavorable circumstances. He enjoyed universal esteem and love from the side of his sailors and felt community with his officers, calling them “congeners”. Nelson had intuition, which allowed him to take correct decisions and he was able to change the plan in the middle of the battle in order to gain a victory.

He sought mutual understanding between his sailors and officers, which knew good, how to navigate a vessel and to wield a weapon, so as a result of his skills he got the most powerful and serried fleet in the world. All naval depots leaded united operations and reacted fast to orders and plans of their commander.

Although Nelson died, being at the height of his fame, when he was only 47, his heritage is still alive nowadays and became the basis of some theories how to lead the sea battles (Some of them are of Maehen). Nelson is still the hero of British fleet, the example for sailors all over the world and the most remarkable and talented admirals. So, no wonder that Nelson impacted my naval career, being the example of strict discipline and great personality. Learning some facts of his biography, I find the methods and ways how to influence people I work with and how to manage personnel as Nelson did.

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