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Dazzling those around, the bright lights flash, almost blinding any who dare to look their way. The cacophony of sounds, each clashing horribly with the next, is almost deafening. The acrid taste of diesel fumes burns the back of the throat of anyone who gets too close to the rickety Teacup ride. A group of excitable toddlers are being herded along by over protective mothers – bobbing along like brightly shining Chinese lanterns. One lags behind, gazing wistfully at the waltzers, while his mother tries to persuade him to go on the Teacups.

Teenagers are huddled on a corner, one clutching his can of lager like a newborn son. Another crushes his can beneath his foot and lobs it over the heads of the unsuspecting crowd. He is oblivious to his girlfriend, whose face is tearstained, as she shouts at him. “I can’t believe you,” she cries, hurls her last insult, and storms away, quickly followed by a small group of girls. They spend the rest of the evening throwing dirty looks at the boys, none of whom seem to care. Spinning faster and faster, the waltzer’s occupants scream hysterically. “The louder you scream, the faster we go,” an impersonal voice claims on the intercom. As the ride explodes with noise, the operator yawns and throws a lever. Outside his soundproof hut the ride accelerates, then, climax over, it slows and stops.

The controller stumbles out of the box and lets the flushed people off of the ride. Some go straight to the back of the queue, others teeter off, stumbling over their own feet. Gritting his teeth, a man in the car park presses the accelerator to the floor, but to no avail. The grass is unrecognisable under all of the mud that has been churned up by the cars that have been coming and going all day. His face reddens as the wheels spin, spraying mud on to a shiny red Ferrari that someone was unsuspecting enough to bring. People are pointing and laughing and the owner of the Ferrari is shouting. Finally, someone is helpful enough to push him on his way and he leaves at top speed, without even bothering to say thank you.

On the rollercoaster, a young girl screams, while her older brother looks almost ready to fall asleep. Her best friend in the seat behind is looking slightly green and is very much ready to go home. The little girl whoops even louder at the top of a precipice and tries to get her brother to do the same. He is not going to comply, however, as he has resolved to never take his sister to a funfair again as she is embarrassing him.

Tantalizing wafts of delicious scents pour from the hotdog stalls and burger vans, enticing the weak willed civillians to sample their goods. Mothers turn out their pockets for enough to buy the over priced food for their screaming toddlers. Teenagers squabble over who owes who money, and the girl who split up with her boyfriend is treated to a hotdog by her friends.

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