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”The Selfish Giant” by Oscar Wilde

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The Selfish Giant written by Oscar Wilde, it is about a giant that had the most beautiful garden but wouldn’t let anyone play in it. He was very selfish with his garden and wouldn’t let any little children play in it. One day he had a change of heart and decided to let the kids play in his garden because, the giant became miserable when the garden wasn’t beautiful anymore, because it stayed winter all year round with snow, hail, and the north wind. The giant had been away to visit a friend; he had decided to return to his castle after seven years and was very surprised to find children playing in his garden.

After finding the kids in his garden he built a wall around his garden to keep them out of it. When spring came to the rest of the country it was still winter in the garden with snow, hail, and the north wind. He was very upset that spring hadn’t come. The children decided that they would get into the garden even though the giant didn’t want them there, so they made a little whole in the wall so that they could get through. When the kids finally came into the garden, spring decided to come. The trees blossomed, the flowers bloomed, the birds sang and the sun came out. While the children were outside in the giant’s garden, the giant was inside upset because his garden wouldn’t blossom. The suddenly out of nowhere a delicious perfume smelled come through a hole in the castle. He jumped up excited and look through a small hole in the wall to see if spring had come. When he looked out he was surprise, because the children were all in the branches of the trees that had bloomed with small beautiful flowers.

The giant ran outside to play with the children because; the giant had a change of heart when spring came to his garden. When the giant came outside, all of the children took off running outside of the garden terrified that the giant was upset at them. But there was one small child that didn’t run off because, the small boy was full of tears not being afraid of the giant, but he couldn’t get in the tree with all of the rest of the children. The giant softly picked him up and set the boy inside of the tree. The small child hugs the giant and gave him a small kiss. After all of the children seen what he has done they all come back to his garden to play with him. Everyday after school all of the children came there beside the small child that the giant help get in the tree, the giant fell in love with the child and wondered where he was at every day. The other children didn’t know who he was, and didn’t know where he lived at.

As years past the giant grew old and feeble, and still never seen the small boy he helped in the tree. One winter morning as the giant was dressing and looked out his window at the winter snow. He rubbed his eyes in wonder, and kept looking. In the farthest corner of the garden there was a tree that had golden branches, bloomed flowers, and silver fruit hanging from the tree and underneath the tree was that same boy he’d help climbed in the tree. The giant ran outside to meet the boy, and found him injured in the palm of his hand was two prints of nail, and the same on his feet. The giant wondered who had hurt the small boy, and asked who did it. The boy told the giant that it was from love and not hurt. The small boy told the giant that you let me play in your garden one day, and today you’re going to play in my garden, which is paradise. When all of the other children came to the garden that afternoon, they found the giant dead under the tree; he was covered in white blossoms that had fell of the tree above.

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