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Discuss the similarities and differences between the texts and their theme(s). Include comments on the ways the authors use elements such as structure, tone images and other stylistic devices to communicate their purposes. Text ‘A’ was published in “August 12 1995” and was probably written the same day or the day before, as it is an article of the “Daily mirror.” Yet, its reliability cannot be trustful, as the newspaper is

as the newspaper is considered to be a tabloid. Hence, it is assumed that it would publish articles or chronicles for a lowbrow audience, just to rise their selling and increase their profits. On the other hand, text ‘B’ was written in “1966” and published twenty years after; in “1986”. However, this text is more reliable as it is the publication of Joe Orton’s diary, even though that, unlike test ‘A’, the author did not edit it.

The writing style differentiates drastically between both texts, even though they both narrate stories about funerals. This is because, Text ‘a’ describes the funeral of a little girl who was murdered whilst, text ‘b’ recounts the funeral of an all woman; “Mum” of the author who does not show to care much at all. Additionally, text ‘a’ is written with a poetic-like vocabulary to portray an image of innocence as, “the children were in sneakers and carried daisies.” A poetic language, which is used since the beginning as, unlike text ‘b’, text ‘a’ has a title; “No one wore black” which contributes to catch the attention of the readers as it is intended.

On the other hand, text ‘b’ is much more straightforward and shows a callous attitude throughout the text, as Orton relates that he “went out to try and buy some flowers.” This portrays that he did not make an effort to get them, as he had no real “intention” of spending a big amount of money on flowers for a funeral. The shop did not “delivered until 10.30” and the funeral was at “ten”, thus he did not “give Mum any flowers” and he was even “glad not to be involved.”

What is more, the writing style is also shown in text ‘a’ for instance, by the size of the paragraphs which are not only short and contain less than three sentences, but use a simplistic language, although it is fully sparked with poetic resources. Furthermore, sentences and paragraphs, usually start with conjunctions such as “And”, “But”, “Along” or “Through” to indicate the inescapable reality of the situation. Similarly, text ‘b’ is also descriptive and uses short sentences, yet it is written for a higher brow audience and doesn’t present much poetic resource. In fact, the only poetic resource used is a metaphor that describes a “flock of old women” and tacitly compares them with hens.

The sentimental tone also contributes to identify the overdramatic and poetic resources all over text ‘a’, which is continuously sparked with alliteration and rule of three to describe how the girl had “dance and laughed and loved” and to emphasized and explain why the family wanted people to be dressed in vivid colours such as “bright yellow and white and red.” Conversely, text ‘b’ uses a more drastic, nonchalant and cynical tone to convey the carelessness, which is constantly reflected in the last-minute arrangements done by the author. Yet, Orton is not the only person that shows imprudence, as “Pete and Marilyn” ironically bought a “sickening” according to Orton, wreath but “refused” and “ignored” the last wish of “Mum”.

It is obvious the different writing styles from both texts. This is because text ‘a’, unlike text ‘b’, was intended for publication and hence used a more appealing and sentimental language to attract readers and a lowbrow audience. Yet, the fact that both texts describe an un-traditional funeral does not mean they both have to have a similar structure. Text ‘b’ was not traditional because “strict protocol wasn’t observed” whilst the situation related in text ‘a’ recounts how it was the family intention to prepare an unconventional funeral. This additionally, shows how the family of “Sophie” in text ‘a’ really cares about her, the strong family bonds between them and how even non-family members, such as a “North Wales police”, remembered her with great fondness. While in text ‘b’ the only person which seems to care is the “father” who “began to cry” and ironically the relatives just “walked back to the waiting cars” which emphasizes the weak family bonds.

We can therefore observe, how the situation greatly differs and how this is also reflected in the writing style. Yet, the intentions involved, the overuse of poetic resources in text ‘a’ and the lack of them in text ‘b’, the objectivity and the subjectivity contribute and directly affect the writing styles in both texts. Yes, they are different, but they also present similar characteristics as the short sentences and the simple language, even though text ‘b’ is directed for a higher brow audience. This is because, the difference is mainly focused in the tone and the text as a whole is affected by it, rather than by the language used.

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