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The Sixth Sense Essay Sample

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The Sixth Sense Essay Sample

The Sixth Sense is a gripping and haunting film. Even though this film is about ghosts, it is not your average ghost story. In nearly every single trailer of this film, young Cole (Haley Joel Osment) says in a terrifying way ‘I see dead people’ that send chills down your spine. The audience is sent into a state of shock and pity for the helpless boy. Dr. Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is in a role of an award winning child psychologist. Bruce Willis is very well cast for this film and aiming to broaden his horizons. Malcolm Crowe helps children with their problems and is very good at what he does.

Cole is a patient of Malcolm’s; he has a problem, he has a type of ‘sixth sense’. Malcolm does his best to try and sort this sixth sense out because Cole is scared of it. To begin with, Crowe doesn’t believe young Cole Sear but as the film progresses and after many clues including Vincent grey (a former patient of Crowe’s, of which he fails) he releases that cole can infact interact with supernatural beings. The director makes us feel sorry for cole and crowe by making them both feel completely and utterly vulnerable.

We like cole because he is so innocent and we like crowe because he doesn’t speak down to cole but he speaks to him as an equal. A scene that sticks in my mind as being a point in the movie where it shows that cols has special powers is when Cole is at a birthday party of one of his ‘friends’. He is sitting down away for everyone else because he feels different from the rest of the ‘normal’ children, he wanders up a couple of flights of stairs where he stops dead and stares at a small hole in the wall.

He starts to hear an angry voice coming from that hole, yet there is no-one to be seen around. Two kids (one of them being the birthday boy) locks Cole in that cupboard on the wall, where Cole throws a fit and starts screaming for his life and finally falls unconscious. After this we see Cole in the hospital while his mother is being queried by the doctor (director) about the cuts and bruises on his body found by the doctor. We feel sorry for very emotional for Cole seeing that he has been through a lot.

No-one could have been a better cast for this part of the film because Osment looks so innocent and helpless. An adult could never play this part as well as him because u can’t feel as sorry for an adult as much as you can for a kid. You would never expect Bruce Willis to play a part like this in a million year, most of his films are all action roles. This is a much more sensitive type of film. Willis plays a very serious role in this film and he concentrates very well on his character. Willis’s representation as crowe is excellent.

I think that not many people could match his outstanding performance because he is a like a whole different type of person playing a role where he usually is killing people. Haley Joel Osment plays a tormented boy and this is completely believable in this role. He is the main star in this film because he is I almost every scene of the film. Cole and Crowe work well together as a pair by helping each other problems out without over-powering one another. The directors technique is very different from any other director that has directed a ghost film.

The way the music changes either builds up to a dramatic scene or becomes really soft when there is an emotional scene happening, and this never gets old. The air turn cold whenever there is a ghost present, you can see this from the water vapour coming from Cole’s mouth. This doesn’t occur all the time, only where there is an angry ghost near. There are loads of elements on a number of levels during the film.. Little clues that keep you guessing through out the film. You really have to watch the film twice to realise how clever all the crew ere 2 make it and keep it true. The ending is very weird so pay attention!

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