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Firstly, the smith had a contract w/ the devil that he would be the master of all masters after seven years. When our Lord & St. Peter [assed by at the smith’s door saying “Here is the Master of all Masters”, they went in. Before our Lord answered the smith’s question, a man passed by & he wanted the smith to shoe the horse, and amazingly our Lord succeed. And the smith was amazed but he just boasts against our Lord. A little while the smith’s mother came by to called him to come home & eat his dinner. After that happened, our Lord forged the smith’s old wrinkled mother into a beautiful young girl & the smith feel a little bit jealous to our Lord, sp he turn the beautiful young girl into an old woman again. After that, he went home & ate his dinner; after dinner, he immediately went back, a man came w/ his horse & he wanted the smith to shoe it. Then he proudly shoes the horse, but shamefully he didn’t succeed, then our Lord said, “That was ill done”. Then our Lord asked the smith if he will be given 3 wishes, what would it be, & the smith just said that he’ll try then our Lord will know.

So our Lord gave him the three wishes; first, the smith wished that if he tells someone to climb up the pear tree, he/she will have to wait until the smith said so. Second, if the smith tells someone to sit on the armchair he/she must get up until the smith says so. And lastly, if the smith tells someone to creep & check his steel mesh, he/she must stay until the smith will say that he/she can creep out and leave. And after 7 years had passed, the devil came & to make the story short; the devil was tricked by the smith through his wishes. So the devil decided not to go back to the smith, after that had happened, the smith went to hell because he already know that he boasts against our Lord & also he had a contract w/ the devil.

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