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The story of Rome Essay Sample

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The story of Rome Essay Sample

There is a story of how people from Rome met the Han Chinese one day, in 166 CE. It begins with a group who claimed to be envoys from Andun; this group is presumably the first Romans to interact with the Hans firsthand. Before this interaction, there was no forthright communication between the two empires and this indirectly led to these two empires to have vague interactions with each other.

Although they didn’t have much contact with each other, they did have many similarities yet there were some differences. Han China and Imperial Rome had similar political control methods such as having a central ruler, yet there were some differences between these two empires, for instance, the makeup of the military (who became a part of it) and the emperor\’s connection to the empires gods. Han China and Imperial Rome both had a central ruler.

(E) For example, they both had a leader who ruled over everyone, although there may have been people underneath him that helped with political control. In imperial Rome, the figurehead was the Republican leader while Han China had an emperor. Having a strong military for a large empire is important because without one, the empire would collapse from invaders; Han China and Imperial Rome both had a large military however the makeup of it, such as the people who were in it, differed.

(E) “The Roman army…. Constituting a distinct and increasingly privileged group…” In the Roman military, it was comprised of experts who were trained in the art of fighting and were the elite in the Roman society, unlike Han China who had their army composed of drafted farmers. (E) “In China… the army was drawn from draftees…” This shows that these two empires still managed to expand their territory although their militaries were different in terms of the people who formed it.

In every empire we look at, they all have an idea they believe in whether it’s gods or man and some empires used religion as a method to control the people such as Han China did. Imperial Rome never managed to form a connection such as Han China did with the emperor being the (E) “Divine Son of Heaven” and that is partly because of republic traditions. In republic traditions, the emperors were not picked by a divine force- they were picked by either the senate or the army unlike in Han China where the emperor was chosen by a divine force.

With this type of power in Han China came the ability to communicate with ancestors and other spiritual beings to understand what to do in a time of need or when wondering what to do with a political issue which helped give the emperor more power over the people because they believed he had help from royal ancestors. Imperial Rome and Han China held different forms of power over the people; Han China used divine forces while Imperial Rome used Republic traditions. Although Han China and Imperial Rome may not have been close, they both related and differed in many ways in terms of political control methods.

They used different types of people in their army, they used different types of ways to control the people (divine forces and Republican traditions), however, they were similar in the way they both had a centralized government. These similarities and differences in political methods between Han China and Imperial Rome show that even though civilizations may not interact much, ideas can still be the same or passed on through diffusion (the silk road which extended from China to Rome).

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