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“All hail, Macbeth, that shalt be King hereafter!”(line 50) declares the wyrd sisters in Act 1 Scene 1. In The Tragedy Of Macbeth written by William Shakespeare, we follow a journey of nobleman named Macbeth that starts out being a courageous, loyal, and honorable hero to many people and ends up later becoming a tyrant King of Scotland, in which this power portrays Macbeth as the archetype of a tragic hero. The flaws that lead to his degeneration was his sense of ambition, and his influence and manipulation by his wife which drove his desire to be King. Macbeths need for power changes fast from a heroic person gaining power to a power hungry person willing to let go of his noble title in order to reach higher and take control. Macbeth character goes from a noble and patriotic soldier to a violent individual which soon leads to his downfall and portrays his archetype as a tragic hero.

The tragic hero is a character born of noble birth or in a position of social importance, but through a significant flaw, brings their own downfall and destruction. Macbeth is a true ideal of what a tragic hero is due to his sense of ambition. “Stars, hide your fires/let no light see my black and deep desires/the eye wink at the hand;yet let that be/which the eye fears,when it is done, to see.”(act1.scene v)beggining of play, growing ambitions.he knows he does wrong but he doesnt care for hope for power.

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