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When is someone considered mature? Usually, the common answer to this question is when a person becomes an adult, or turns eighteen years old. But the poet, Samuel Ullman, declared his interpretation of maturity as follows: “Maturity is the ability to think, speak and act your feelings within the bounds of dignity. The measure of your maturity is how spiritual you become during the midst of your frustrations.” ​ The simple, non elaborative definition of maturity on Google is: “the state, fact, or period of being mature; fully developed; full grown.” If someone were to look at maturity with a broader perspective, he would see that maturity is not defined by age or level of brain development; rather, it is a matter concerning one’s experiences, personality, and mental abilities.

Maturity can be based on a person’s experiences that negatively affect either a part of his life or the majority of his life. Justin Anderson said, “Life led me to where I am now. I can’t change some things, but I do have the power to accept every bad day, and to walk with diligence, perseverance, and a smile.” Justin Anderson faced a series of trials recently. What started out as a normal fever, eventually turned into dozens of medical abnormalities that doctors could not explain or fix. Without any luck, Justin’s family was told that he had a twenty percent chance of survival, considering the doctors were clueless as to what could be the cause of the problems in his body that were quickly killing him.  Miraculously, he pulled through, and regained a full recovery within a period of four months. Justin is one of my greatest examples. He is also one of the most mature people I know, taking every trial and obstacle with the utmost sense of acceptance. Justin Anderson, a positive enduror of some of the worst tribulations, is only fifteen.

Being a teenager does not blatantly define a person as immature. Likewise, being an adult does not necessarily mean that one is fully matured. That being said, both immaturity and maturity can occupy a person’s personality harmoniously. This mix of responsibility and care­free nature easily comes to all of us depending on the situation. For example, my father is a very successful business man. He is definitely what some would call “street smart”, and has driven his life in every right direction. Concerning his decisions affecting his overall stature and success, he is a very responsible, qualified, and respectable man. On the other hand, he tends to become cocky and selfish at times. At every family reunion, he’s always the one to “show off” his success. Because of an abundance of wealth, he immaturely and recklessly buys as he pleases, never afraid to purchase something that isn’t a necessity, such as his one hundred­thousand dollar sports car and his large house on the cliffs of La Jolla. At the same time, he displays immaturity and maturity. Thus, for almost all people, immaturity is almost never fully grown out of.

Once a person has achieved the capacity to mentally make decisions that will affect his life and long­term values, he has become fully and mentally developed. Many would say that by achieving this mentality, one would finally see indicators of his or her own mental maturity.

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