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The Uniform Code of Military Justice Essay Sample

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The Uniform Code of Military Justice Essay Sample

A feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. There could be various definitions for this word. Throughout this essay their will be some referring to the values and orders of the military. The standards that have been set for the military are higher than the demands of its president. For instance, President Clinton lied while under oath about having an affair with Monica Lewinsky in 2001. How come the president can get away with perjury, while a military officer or personnel can not.

For example, Lt. Kelly Flynn found that out, when she lost her position in the Air Force, and her years of pilot training went down the drain. What is wrong with this picture? Obviously with the Commander in Chief it is a total different story. This is actually true because the Commander in Chief can get away with misbehavior, whereas a military personnel can not question or even criticize him about it. Even today in the military, various branches remind their troops that they can be prosecuted by condemning the Commander in Chief.

Just because Clinton admitted to doing the misdeeds, he cannot be criticized by military members. In other words, one cannot accurately talk about the president for doing the things others are told not to do without the results of consequences. All in all, though the military may seem very strict about this, there is a reasoning behind it. The reason for this is military troops are taught to respect their superior. They are always taught to obey and respect their chain of command.

Regardless of what their superior have done wrong they still have to respect and support them in every decision they make. The reasoning behind this, is that routines and orders must be obeyed. If there is disrespect going on between the Commander in Chief and their military personnel; when it come down to war and the President gives orders to the soldiers they are not going to respond to it like they should. In the military there will be times where respect is supposed to be given to their boss, and not in all cases do they show the respect that is due.

The military have very structured values and principles to uphold. Among these are military bearings, discipline, and respect. Those three words are what the military is all about and believes in. They expect from all their troops to respect everyone that is out there, and to call people by their proper titles. If a military officer approaches an enlisted soldier, they are to stand at attention unless the officer gives the command ‘at ease’. The foundation of the military law is in the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Therefore, the UCMJ applies to any troop that is on active duty, so they are watched 24/7 for as longs as they are in the military. This document pretty much outlines the behaviors that are acceptable and those that are not acceptable. If you do not abide by those rules then they have right to relieve you from the military on dishonorable discharge or there could be punishment in another way. When the troops respect those that are superior to them, everyone sees that they are respectful.

The people that are actually looking in on the situation see that they are respectful individuals. Everyone wants to feel like they are being respected, so why not treat everyone with the respect that is due. With that being, said there will be time where someone may think that just because they did something wrong or unlawful they should disrespect them. As it was stated before treat someone with well due respect because they will never know who will actually be watching them.

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