The Use of Electric Road Sweeper Should Pay Attention to the Environment and Time Essay Sample

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Spring is coming, many residents of the home opened the long closed the window, but the attendant problems. Recently, Hankou Jiefang avenue the street several households generally to reflect this, road sweeper noise is too big, loud they can’t fall asleep. According to live in Mr. Xu Jiang’an District of Taiping community reflect, he this year 33 years old, sleep quality was not good, where her a little, would wake

would wake him, woke up very long time to sleep again. The building where he lives close to the Jiefang Road, recently the warm days, the family want to breathe fresh air, the windows are open. One to 11 pm or so, the road electric sweeper will beat him downstairs passes through slowly, even if he lives on the 5 floor, the machine noise would wake him. He had to close the window, can there is still great. Until the cleaning vehicle noise was gone, he can re adjust the mood to go to sleep. Silk four only street Peng old gentleman in the Jiefang Road side of the road, he said, is old, it is difficult to sleep at night, close the window, his wife always says it’s too stuffy, even if the winter, his family’s window will open a small slit. Now spring has come, the windows were opened, the downstairs cleaning a car, two people will wake up, wake up, the two old can only wait for the car completely go away, to comfort each other to sleep.

These households are proposed, the cleaning time on five or six in the morning, that for all the impact will be smaller. The reporter interviewed the District Urban Management Bureau, the Bureau of the relevant responsible person told the reporter, the residents feel that noisy electric sweeping machine called the large sweeping machine, a suction to waterlogging joint cleaning function. Higher provisions it to avoid the rush hour traffic, so the car work time is 10 pm to 7 points. Residents reflected through their window is a 11 point night, in fact, each district will have a few of these electric sweeper, a few cars all night will not stop at the same time and operation, if the adjustment operation time side, the other sections of the people will say that too noisy at night. Jiang’an area departments also believe that such sweeping machine noise is too big, they also have and the special vehicle manufacturers to negotiate, but manufacturers said it had no technology to improve the noise problem. Jiang’an area departments said in this regard, in order to Wuhan environment cleaner and more beautiful, please residents understanding.

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