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Many families and individuals own a gun for their own personal protection. Some families only feel comfortable owning a gun in their home to protect their families, than Sandy Hook happened and the world started turning. All of the sudden guns became dangerous but what people don’t understand is that before that tragedy happened many families and individuals still had ownership to their personal guns. The question now becomes are the use of guns dangerous or are the people using them dangerous? Guns don’t gain ownership from people unless people are licensed to own certain guns. Guns do not decide to kill innocent children like those at Sandy Hook elementary, it is the people that become sick and decide to act in dishonorable ways.

Governor Pierre stated that he opposes allowing people to carry concealed guns without permits because they could easily get in trouble in other states without a permit. To improve school safety, Pierre, many others, and I, believe that school entrance should be made more secure. Danger is all around us and tragedies are born out of evil. Many heroes emerge at such horrible incidents and truly are an eye-opener for those who believe such heroes do not exists. It is frustrating to know that I cannot turn back time and safe the lives of those innocent children. Changing gun laws does not really make any difference but hope that one could see the world more on the good side rather than the bad.

I am eager to know why people would want to purchase a semi-automatic or any automatic weapons. The only people that should carry such absurd weapons are those who are a member of the military waged in war. Outside of the military it should be difficult to be in reach of such dangerous weapons. Such weapons like the semi- automatic should not be armed within reach and individuals that own such dangerous weapons such have them locked away. We have the right to bear arms, and such right does not need to be taken away from us by the federal government. It is understandable that the nation does not want such awful crimes like the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary from happening again, but creating new laws will not stop others from killing.

This nation wakes up everyday wondering why Adam Lanza decided to be a part of such a horrific tragedy. Who would have thought a straight a student, the top of his class would commit such a crime. Yes he was a shy boy, very quiet and to himself. When people he knew were asked what they thought of Adam Lanza, they would reply, he is a bit weird, does not have many friends, and does not associate with many peers. Another question becomes unsolved to why his mother would have day dates at the shooting range with her sick child Adam? Did the mother not realize the trouble her son was in? She was obviously close to him; he had access to all of her guns she would collect in her very own home that he lived in. How could one not see when someone needs help? The question will never be answered because unless our children do not tell us what is bothering them or how deeply hurt they are, we will never know how dangerous they can be. Yes there may be signs here and there but a mother will never want to believe their child is sick and dangerous. Every mother believes she has good children.

In conclusion the nation will never stop permitting guns to individuals and families. What Adam Lanza did, no one knew would happen, now that it has been a tragedy for the folks at Sandy Hook Elementary, guns are considered dangerous. It is not the guns fault that this individual acted out of stupidity, people still want to feel safe with protection of owning their guns. Not having a gun will not solve violence it may just minimize it, but it will never go away. Many people will change because of the tragedy that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Many states will start working on laws to ban guns from being permitted. Many will fight having such a law because many of us believe it is the way a person acts with such possession that may change the world forever. People are in control of their possessions, it is the demon inside that acts horribly.


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