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In the movie Signs, music is used very often. It is used precisely in all parts of the movie. Music is what makes movies either boring to watch, or very intense. Even using no music at all at points is important to many movie directors. Without music, movies would not only be boring, but also hard to follow what the director wants the viewer to get out of the movie.

Music is used carefully at certain times to intensify the mood of whatever is being shown on the screen. When a scary scene was about to be shown in Signs, scary music often plays right before the bad thing happens. Whenever something really scary was going to occur, the director got the audience to jump by having something scary show on the screen with a louder music instantly. By using music in this way, Signs is enhanced dramatically in being more scary or intense when needed.

The use of no music at all can also be more effective than any music that could be played in Signs. To build suspense, the director of signs would play no music at all in certain scenes. He did this in scenes that were about to become very scary and intense. With no music at all, the audience can hear every movement, making it seem like the view was in the movie themselves. By making it seem like the audience was in the movie, it is much scarier to watch then if music was playing that whole time.

In Signs, there is a three note motif that shows up very often throughout the film. This motif is played over and over. The repeated use of these eerie three notes gives the view chills. The three note motif is what all the music in the movie is based on, according to what the director and music director said in the bonus features. By using the same type of sound, such as the three note motif, the audience always feels slightly scared, even at less intense parts of the movie.

Music plays a great role in movies. Without music, it would make it hard to follow what was supposed to be scary and what was supposed to be happy. In signs, the director uses intense music at scary parts of the movie. To build suspense, he plays no music to make the audience feel like they’re in the movie. Finally, the use of a three note motif creates an eerie feeling. Using these elements, the director can create an excellent movie.

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