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The value of Life Essay Sample

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The value of Life Essay Sample

What is the value of Life? Is it measured by Money? Is it measured by your Career? I once met a friend, whose life began out pretty bad. His parents divorced two brothers in jail and a school for future gang bangers. One day, his step father discovers that his mom was having an affair and he instantly blew up and shot his moms lover several times along with his 2 older brothers in Jail. His father also threatened to shoot my friend next till the police arrive and ended the tragedy that was brought. My friend was later taken up by the church that changed his life forever. At that point in time, he started dressing better, restricting his mouth from cussing, and on his road to becoming a very successful picture. Life is unpredictable and cannot be determined just by a set of numbers or amount of pay you make each year and only the people who tasted death can understand life.

The Human Life Calculator is very inaccurate in its portrayal of how much a person would be valued over their lifetime. An example would be how your number changes for each yearly salary wage you get. Say there’s a Janitor and he plays the lottery and wins the jackpot of 3 million dollars. Would that mean his life is more valued because he earned a large amount of money? Another flaw to the calculator is also its inclusion of family members. Its impossible to say that none of the family member might die before the person reaches his last stage and this is also another unpredictable factor. Life can also throw unpredictable events at you that could change your life forever.

In Lance Armstrong: “It’s Not About The Bike” he talks about his life changing event and how his achievements couldnt even compare to this event. In 1996, he discovered he was diagnosed with Cancer and is already marked down as close to death. After his miraculous succesful surgery and complete remission from Cancer, he values life completely more. This proves that Lance had crossed the barrier between life and death and ended up lucky to end on the living side.Winning the tour de France 4 times. he prefered to have the champion name of Cancer Survivor. A human life is only valued as much as the person living within it values it. No one can determine how much a person is worth because everybody is the same and can change. The value of human life is uncalculatable and can’t be detemined by a single person.

Overall, a human can’t judge how much another person is worth without first experiencing death and without the power to foresee the future. The human life calculator is able to calculate the earnings of a human being but has the major flaws of fortune events, or death of a family member. Lance talks about his life-death situation with cancer, and how he felt more confident by saying he was a cancer-survivor than a 4 time champion biker. By determining the value of life by someone who is about to lose it, the value is infinite.

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