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The Values of Sport for Children Essay Sample

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Introduction of TOPIC

The value or the importance of sports in children are understood by discovering the advantages and the disadvantages that are associated. For a fact, it understood that officials are concerned about children health affected by the sports that they participate in. For example, the U. S. government changed their national policy of youth ice hockey by changing the ages required to play the sport from eleven-year-olds – twelve-Sportyear-olds to thirteen-year-olds – fourteen-year-olds in 2011 due to the statistics that provided children injury rate at each specific age group.

By looking at the advantages in personal health, injuries that could be associated depending on different sports played and their prevention methods, the statistics of children getting injured and lastly looking at how children are introduced to sports proves the fact that sports has a positive value in children.

Sports or physical activity is the foundations of early development of the youth and many skills are acquired from these sports that they could apply in their lives and along with that they also acquire health benefits but one disadvantage in playing sports is that at some point injury is imminent which could be avoided by supervision or knowledge.

Lack of physical activity that could be changed through proper discipline and guidance and without any could lead to cardiovascular diseases and can also lead to other chronic diseases like diabetes, cancer associated with colon and breast, obesity, bone and joint diseases and depression when a person is going through childhood to adulthood. Introduction to physical activity in school or in high school can make dramatic differences in current academic success and physical performance and the same is associated in the future that may result in not having any of these diseases.

Since the 90s, obesity and inactive lifestyle was progressively common in children and adolescents. More than twenty percent of adolescents of Canada were obese due to our new innovations like smart phones and other tech that have been made to make mankind’s life more convenient and efficient. The number of high school students during the past years to this present year have declined in sports participation due to fact that the world is demanding for more academics that may represent better students compared to the past.

Overall, these points prove the benefits of physical activity among children by comparing the effects of children who are involved in sports and those who are not involved. Injuries are common in sports, they could be avoided through proper training and discipline through running safety drills and proper coaching and supervision by the instructor or the couch. There are only few injuries that are associated with fractures, but they are less likely to happen due to the fact that children’s or teen’s bone structure are more mailable compared to adults which works against fractures.

If a fracture has occurred, it will heal faster compared to an adult and also it would be beneficial since

it makes the bone even stronger which most likely prevents future injuries that includes fractures.

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These sorts of injuries are most commonly found in contact and collision like football, but most sports do not involve these categories such as baseball, track and field etc. The most well-known injuries are sprains and strains which are not serious at most situations.

The statistics of children getting injured is even though very high from the age four to fifteen, as they learn the proper skills required for the sport, they would less likely get injuries as they progress. This can be related to the saying “no pain no game” which means without any sacrifice, there could be no achieved. Therefore, injuries associated in sports involving children does not affects the its value since there would be only minimal number of children who will be injured and if they are injured it would heal faster than an average adult and might result in better bones and mental stability.

The value of sports in children depends on how they are introduced to sports whether through school or their own parents. In most cases, parents are the ones who introduce a particular sport to an adolescent and that sport they first get introduced most likely in North America specifically Canada would be sports that were mostly originated in the continent like ice hockey, baseball or football. There are children who are introduced to sports for the first time through school because their parents had no experience with any; in school the sports that are introduced could be known worldwide like soccer, badminton, volley ball etc.

In recent studies, it is shown that children’s motor skill development is on the decline, so it is important for a parent or a couch to teach a sport to improve motor skill. A sport is probably demonstrated by the teacher and the students imitates the demonstrations that were made. For example, a teacher would show his or her students how to strike a volleyball and the students would try to replicate that demonstration. In conclusion, with better understanding the benefits of sports, parents and trainers could help children to improve motor skills. Metal and physical traits.

So, in conclusion looking at the at the advantages in personal health, injuries that could be associated depending on different sports played and their prevention methods, the statistics of children getting injured and lastly looking at how children are introduced to sports shows the value of sports in children. Having courses related sports in high school or in an elementary school, obesity and inactive lifestyle can be changed since it provides physical improvement and also mental stability. Injuries are common in sports but the most of injuries are not that significant that would affect the child’s life.

Serious injuries are only common in contact and impact sports like football, but most sports dos not include these categories. It is understood that learning a sport or even studying for an English test takes sacrifice to see the best results. Most children are introduced to sports by their parents. It is understood that the motor skill development of children is declining due to the fact that most of them are inactive, so it is a parent’s duty to make sure their children are involved in sports. Overall, these points prove that sports have a positive value in children.


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