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The Walk written by Joy T. Dayrit has an unpredictable ending. Unpredictable because it started off weak yet ended strong. We could see the distinction of the characters all throughout the selection—namely Alma, Ted and the unano.

Alma in the story started frail. “Twenty years of tears splashed into her morning cup of coffee. She did not understand the phenomenon, but only cried like a child, like a fool.” She showed her love towards his husband, Ted. “Alma reset the breakfast in the way Ted expected it to be. Coffee, rice, fish, eggs. She did that for her splendidly every morning for breakfast…” she does not have the courage to express her feelings verbally, but instead she expressed her feelings through tears. “I feel in my heart I may not love you at all anymore, she wanted to say but did not.”

Ted is a package designer for a certain juice company named Harvest Juice and at the same time, the husband of Alma. He is depicted as a “man of a few words”. “When he was done he stood for the door, hurriedly because always there was that imperative first appointment of the day.” He also gives ample attention to material things. “He loves his work and that ill-gotten Corona more than me.” It is evident in the selection that Ted works very hard, especially when he was promoted as the boss of their company.

“As new boss, Ted would be doubly set for all days.” At the same time he is also considered as the representative of Harvest Juice but it is as if he is not the one who represents their company since, he have not tasted their product yet. “He never drank the juices.” Ted is an epitome of a stereotypical husband who needs to work for the sake of his family but does it with “tricks”. “He knew well, after all, all of Admin’s organizational tricks. He’d win the day, there would be no end to the untruth, and Alma would live her days with him on the fruits of his bluff labor.”

The unano played a significant role in the selection. We could see that the unano did not pay too much attention on the details. “It’s a bull”, said the mayor when he held the stone. “See the horns.” “It’s a star,” said the captain, passing the stone on to the wife… “It’s a stone,” said the unano”. The unano just wanted Alma to unwind. “Unload,” said the unano. The unano and the rest of the people in Paradise told her that she should have the courage to express her feelings. “Go,” said the wife. “Scrape the paint off the Corona with your nails.” “Hit the bluff with the truth,” said the captain.” The people of Paradise served as the conscience of Alma. The people of paradise, especially the unano helped Alma changed the way she perceives herself.

The female characters of the story emphasized the stereotypical women, weak, emotional and inferior to men. They seem to be very passive – following what their husbands say. While the male characters of the selection portrayed the strong, courageous and the leaders, but in the end we could see the transition of the female lead from meek to strong. “She bore up, breathed deep, and in open supreme sweep let out the bull from the hollow stillness inside her.”

Women empowerment was seen in the last part of the selection. “This battle’s been won. She loved her Ted. But now for war.” There are a lot of cases wherein women are not weak. Society should change the perception on women to be able to create a place where everyone is treated with equality. This could be possible society would give women a chance to express what they are feeling. Women cannot be portrayed as weak forever. They need to have a change of heart.

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