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As human beings, we came solely in into this world. However, man is not independent in life rather he is interdependent on his fellow man and so he can not just do whatever he wills. This is because there is the natural ability to do evil in him. Man is born with both the ability to do the right and wrong. Man therefore should not be left to follow his own path without guidance because man’s action is explained by the dominant force of his will. Thus if a man carry out an evil deed, then it is the evil part of his will that has dominance at that point and vise versa.

Our actions should be evaluated from time to time so as to decide if we are still in line. We should verify if what we are doing has a positive or a negative consequence over those around us. We must realize as human beings that our actions does not just affect us, it affects others around us. This realization should make us have the natural will to do what is right. Suppose a higher force or person tells me that an action is right while another is wrong, how do I ascertain? When we are faced with such a curiosity, what we seek is the moral judgment of such actions. What then are moral Judgments?

When we talk of moral judgments, we are talking about the meaning of moral concepts like good and bad, right and wrong. When we make moral judgments, we are questioning the meaning of moral terms. Moral judgments therefore are the inquiry into the meaning of moral terms.

Also, when we ask the question “What then is the nature of moral judgments?” We want to know if moral judgments are universal or private, whether they are open or restricted. In addition, when we ask the question “What may moral judgments be supported or defended?” We are asking how we can know what is right from what is wrong. For the purpose of clarity and precision, I will attempt to relate it to an issue that has been or moral concern in America.

The war in Iraq has raised a lot of controversies among the citizens of America. To some people, the war was the right thing to do and it is well deserved. On the other hand, others question the morality of the actions of the Bush led administration to invade the nation of Iraq. This war has been made the nation to be of divided mind. How does this relate to our topic?

The war in Iraq is a good example of people making moral Judgments. There have been several criticisms that have been made about the war. Some say that the war is right and that it was a good action while on the other hand some say that the war was wrong. This controversy has made people to question what “right” means and what “wrong” means. If we say that an action is right, then we should know the meaning of the word “right”. Is it true irrespective of any situation or condition?

In this case, we can see that the idea of “right” or “wrong” is not held as a universal opinion. For instance, the public opinion of Americans about the war in Iraq is not pointing to the same place. There are some who believe that America should not have started the war in the first place. They believe that the action is oppressive and thus is morally challengeable. Some on the other hand claim that America could not have done better. They say that it was the right thing as Iraq was posing a threat to the world and someone needs to call them to order.


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