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The Water Dragon Essay Sample

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The Water Dragon Essay Sample

The theme I chose for this poetry project was fantasy. I chose this theme because I really enjoy fantasy and it inspires me, and it’s a subject filled with wondrous surprises. I like reading books about fantasy, and the many different mystical creatures they are based on. Fantasy means a lot to me, because it’s the main subject I like to illustrate. I have liked fantasy since I was little, and I believe I will always enjoy the mysteries that come with it. One of the poems I chose to include in my project was “The Water Dragon”, written by Anne Johnson.

I thought this poem was very well written, and I liked how it rhymed, because it made it more enjoyable to read. While reading this poem, I tried visually picturing the Water Dragon and the narrator who feared her. I believe the author’s use of words and well-detailed description of the Water Dragon made this piece powerful. I chose this poem because I really thought it was one of the best Sea-Serpent poems I’ve ever read, and I also had a great idea on how I could illustrate it. This poem made me feel the fear the narrator was effectively creating, while describing the fierce Water Dragon.

It made me think the creature they had encountered was a monster. Another poem I chose to include in my project was “Fairies”, written by William Allingham. I thought this poem was written nicely, and the author did a great job on rhyming. The poem flowed together, and made it fun to read. As I read, I couldn’t help but imagine the tiny fairies the author wrote about, and that made the poem more effective. I chose to include this poem in my project because I like fairies, and when I read this poem, I thought it was cute and was a good example of what fairies are like.

Reading “Fairies”, made me feel good and brought a smile to my face. The poem made me think of a meadow filled with flowers and fairies as tiny as bees. Another poem I chose to include in my project was “Mermaid”, and the author is unknown. I found this poem in a book called Mermaids! When I read this poem, I thought it was put together well, and it also rhymed nicely. The thing that made this poem so powerful was the word usage and what the author was telling us. I chose this poem because it was the best mermaid poem I’ve ever read, in my opinion.

“Mermaid”, made me think of the sea, and gave me a calm feeling. Another poem I chose to include in my project was “Unicorn”, written by Edmund Spenser. I really liked this poem because it was another rhyming one. This poem was powerful because it gives the reader a warm and happy feeling. I chose it because I really enjoyed reading it, and it also gave me a visual image of the unicorn in the field, resting in the sun. It made me think of birds singing, spring, and flowers. Another poem I chose to include in my project was “Gryphon”, by an anonymous author.

I chose this poem because it was the only Gryphon poem I could find, and I wanted to include a variety of mystical creature poems in this project. I liked this poem because it rhymes and I think it is. I especially enjoyed visually imagining this poem because it was very easy to as you read. I think this poem was effective and successful because it is short, yet a good poem. “Gryphon”, caught my eye because it didn’t look like it’d be a stress to read. This poem left me wondering, and gave me a calm feeling.

Another poem I chose to include in my project was “The Elf and the Dormouse”, written by Oliver Herford. I really enjoyed this poem because it was a cute and funny story. I also was amazed at how the author could successfully keep up the rhymes in every other line, throughout the whole poem. I was drawn to this poem because it came with several illustrations, and so the length of the poem did not look stressful to read. I picked “The Elf and the Dormouse”, because it is one of the few longer poems I enjoyed reading. It gave me a sort of happy and silly feeling when I finished.

One of the songs I chose to include in my project was “Puff the Magic Dragon”, by Lenny Lipton. I chose to use this song in my project because I remember reading the book and hearing the song when I was younger. It brought back nice memories, which made the song more enjoyable to hear. This song was even more fun to read because it rhymed and also gave me a visual image of what Puff the Dragon, looked like because of the description included in the song. The song made me think of a boy who would travel across seas with his pet Dragon.

Another song I chose to include in my project was “Happily Ever After”, by Marc Gunn and Nancy Pearsall. I chose to use this song in my project because it is about a princess who is taken away by an evil dragon, and then killed the dragon all by herself. I liked this song because it was different, because usually it is a strong, handsome knight who rescues the princess in trouble. The poem made me think of a dark color, which is why I illustrated it in a night setting. “Happily Ever After”, did not give me a specific feeling, but left me wondering.

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