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1. Ericsson uses the same reference of her bank in the intro and the conclusion to prove her point and in the end the intro and conclusion make the whole story stick together. 2. The White Lie is a very informative section and uses a good example to prove her point. The next section I analyzed is very similar but the example in this one comes first and then she explains after. 3. In a way omission is like a syntactic ambiguity where faulty sentence structure and using certain words can create the lie. 4. Most of the quotes before the real description seem to be humorous. She uses this to lighten the mood and in some cases some quotes are slightly ironic. 5. I think everyone has some experience in lying but Ericsson’s case gives her special sense of credibility because I think her lie is larger than the average little lie.

6. Ericsson’s examples very from war to religion, the examples are effective because they prove that lies are used everywhere and under thousands of circumstances. 7. Ericsson’s audience for this essay is the young to old adults that are unaware of their lies and why they are doing it. I believe she wrote this to share how she feels toward the subject and to get the reader to think and be more aware of lying 8. I would say Ericsson’s tone for the most part stays light and at some points even humorous. She uses just enough humor to keep the reader hooked and entertained but not too much so it doesn’t mock. I also think there is almost a hint of guilt in her tone for her lies and for they war all people lie to each other.

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