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I am the Wind
I creep and crawl through every swamp and valley
Touching every leaf and holding every branch
Surrounding every rock and cooling every stream
Playing with the leaves that dance on my shoulders

I am the Wind.
I cradle nature’s breath in my arms
Rocking it back and forth
Singing to it my sweet lullaby
Kissing its tender face with my gentle breeze

I am the Wind.
I instruct the tall grass to bow before me
Ruling over the leaves and governing the water
Telling the rain when to fall
Commanding even the waves of the ocean to obey me

I am the Wind.
Nature has given me more than one task
I work to complete them all
I fly with the birds and run with the cheetahs
I guard the baby as she sleeps and watch over the dogs that howl at the moon
I play with the hair of a sleeping child
I race the cars on the highway
I dance around the corn fields at dusk
I watch the world begin to slumber and am there at its waking

I am the Wind.
Tornados are mere toothpicks for my teeth
Hurricanes are but drizzling rain
Blizzards lose their footing without me as their foundation Rooted as the source of storm and tempest, I will not budge

I am the Wind.
I hold the stars and stripes of many flags
Helping the countries show them with pride
I collide with the sails of boats
Catching my feet they make me pull them along

I am the Wind
I pull the leaves off of the trees like apples
Laying them carefully on the ground to sleep
Letting them rest under a blanket of snow till they wake

I am the Wind.
I carry the seed of dandelions on my back
Washing it with my breeze
And planting it in the soft earth beneath my feet
I cool it while I blow through pursed lips
And bring clouds to quench its thirst
Soon my work is done

I am the Wind.
Curling my fists at the mountains that stand in my way
Disobeying the gravity of man
Defying even life itself as I live on forever

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