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There, in either boring lectures where they would have rather slept or would have rather been at home, or have sat through lectures that always had those students engaged and wanting to learn. The question to ask ourselves is what makes a good teacher, and what makes a bad teacher? What does a great teacher have, that a terrible teacher does not? There are many components that come together to make good and bad teachers. Being a good or bad teacher depends on quite a bit. Well, a good teacher has qualities that keep students engaged.

They are fun, nice and have great personalities. Those teachers want to be in the classroom teaching. They do not care if they have any bad seeds in the class. All that good teachers care about is what they do and why they are doing it. A terrible teacher bores the students in his or her classroom. Bad teachers have qualities like terrible or boring personalities, or just don’t care enough to make a class amazing. But there are three qualities that really separate good teachers from bad teachers. It really all depends upon the teachers tone, lesson plans, and availability.

Without these three qualities, there really would be no good teachers or bad teachers. A make or break quality for a teacher

is their tone. The tone is a very important thing while teaching, it is a must have for any teacher.

If a teacher speaks with a low or monotone voice, students will get bored easily. A monotone voice is almost like listening to white noise, it is dull and puts people to sleep. Students have all had that one teacher, including myself, that made the student’s feel like the class would never end.

Those are the teacher’s that make a classroom environment boring. That is probably the worst feeling for a student. If it’s a class that is 80 minutes every day, sitting in that class with a monotone teacher really makes the students not want to be there. This also contributes to students skipping that class in the future just to avoid what they would see as a waste of time, constantly being “talked at”. Students become inattentive and that eventually leads to their failure in that class.

A good teacher will speak with an energetic voice that will make the students feel like they want to listen to whatever the teacher is teaching about. Speaking in an energetic and upbeat tone will show the students how passionate that teacher really is, about what he or she does. If a teacher speaks in monotone voice, they obviously do not care much for the profession they are in. If a teacher is truly passionate about his or her job, then they will speak in a tone that will keep students alive, meaning awake. Speaking with a loud, energetic tone will make students want to listen.

Students will match interests with the teacher and students will want to stay involved within the class, instead of being forced to be involved. If the teacher is excited and upbeat about with he or she is teaching, then the student’s will also be excited and upbeat. A teacher has to make a great effort to stand in front of a classroom full of students and make it fun for not only the teacher themselves, but to make it fun for the student as well. That is why a teachers tone is very crucial. Teachers need to remember to keep a loud and energetic demeanor, instead of a low and boring one.

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