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The Writing Process Essay Sample

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The Writing Process Essay Sample


Question 1: Compare and contrast the steps in the writing process, detailing each one. Describe how writing an essay would be compromised if any of the steps were omitted. There are five steps in the writing process. These steps are followed in order to produce a well written and well organized paper. The first step is called Prewriting. This step includes everything from searching for a topic, to the actual research conducted. In addition to this, other guides are used, such as brainstorming and making outlines of the paper to be written.

Drafting is the second step in the writing process. Drafting is defined as the incorporation of thoughts and ideas into the paper being prepared. In this stage, the writer focuses on which part of the paper should be explained thoroughly. There are no wrong and right answers when formulating a draft. It is the same as planning and taking into consideration which information should be included in the paper. Spelling, grammar and the use of punctuation marks are the small details not taken into consideration at this point.

After Drafting, Revision is the third step in the writing process. For this part of the process, the writer is expected to focus on what the readers would actually learn from what has been written. In addition to this, revision is the part wherein some of the information included in the paper would be explained further. This part also focuses on trying to improve the kinds of words used. Acquaintance with words is necessary for readers to fully comprehend what is being relayed in the paper written. Having a clear, concise and organized paper is the goal of the writing process. Editing is last on the list. This part focuses on the smaller details such as the spelling, grammar and the use of punctuation marks. Each of the steps mentioned were important in the production of a well written paper. Omitting one of the four steps would cause a disorganization of the paper.

Question 2: Describe and explain how references sources should be evaluated. What four questions should be asked when evaluating an article or a book? What information can be garnered from the answer to these questions?

References play an important role in papers written. As known to many, anything that is not of common knowledge should be cited. This is where references come in. In addition to this the use of reliable references should also be taken into consideration. When writing research papers, it is important to use sources that are considered to be of great bearing. As we all know, the internet is one of the most used sources by students. This may be attributed to the fact that the internet is the easiest way to access information. The use of keywords would eventually lead to the researches being made. Even so, the writer should also be careful in using only reliable sources from the internet to make the information valid and acceptable.

Several questions are used in analyzing the reliability of a source to be used. The four most frequently asked questions include, “Where was this source taken?”, “What is the relevance of the source to the paper?”, “Was the source peer reviewed?”, and “Did the source used fall under the time frame given for the research being made?”. These questions may sound simple as they may seem, but these are considered to be the factors that may affect the validity of the sources used.  When the writer takes into consideration the answers to the questions given, then the paper being made would be of reliable if not of good quality. Especially for research papers, the information being provided should be updated, and should also fall within the time frame of the research being conducted.

Question 3: List the five prewriting methods and discuss how each one can improve the generation of thoughts and ideas for a selected topic.

Prewriting methods are normally applied by writers and people who indulge themselves in writing. Some of the most effective prewriting methods that may be used include journal keeping, continuous writing, focused continuous writing, taking down notes during discussions, and finally, the use of subject maps.  Journal keeping is the most commonly used prewriting methods. This type of method allows writers to indulge in the topics and issues that catch their attention. The thoughts and emotions of the writer are brought to another level, for they are able to clearly express themselves through words. This method also allows writers to clearly think and widen their perspective, while making use of appropriate words, and not just what their emotions asked them to.

The second method used is Continuous writing. This is the method applied for writing anything under the sun. There are no inhibitions and limitations whatsoever in the completion of such paper. In addition to this, there is a specific time allotted for the formation of such paper, so the writer does not easily stop at anything. This type of method is also helpful for writers, for it helps them to get into the mood, so there is no difficulty in using the proper words.

Focused Continuous writing, on the other hand, is a more detailed version of the Continuous writing method. Similar to the previous one, there is also a time frame given for the completion of such work, and not much detail is given on the technicalities, such as grammar and spelling. However, this method is more specific, in the sense that it only covers one topic.

Taking down notes during discussions is also an example of a prewriting method. As the title would have it, the writer would jot down specific words and phrases that may be attributed to the topic being discussed. These are useful, especially when a speaker is in front, and there are important factors given in the topic discussed. In reality, this kind of method actually helps the writer to organize his thoughts in the formation of a well written paper. Furthermore, the writer is also able to learn the relationship between the words and the the ideas being discussed. This would actually become beneficial, and would help the writer to narrow down the idea, and eliminate words, phrases, and thoughts that are irrelevant to what is being discussed.

The last type of prewriting method discussed is the use of subject maps. This is the most creative manner that writers could use in the formation of their well crafted papers. Charts and different illustrations are used in putting together words, phrases, and ideas. This method makes it easier for writers to see the connection of their work in a laid-out manner. Furthermore, subject maps are the visual images of note taking, and may also be advantageous in the formation of an outline.

Question 4: Consider the following topic sentence of a paragraph: The weather seems to have a mind of its own. Would it be easy or difficult for the writer to develop a paragraph around that sentence? Explain your answer.  Yes, I believe that it is possible to make an essay that would focus on the topic sentence mentioned above. The writer may have options of focusing on the literal meaning of the topic sentence, or may also construct a creative paragraph. The topic sentence given has adhered to the stipulations expected from well written topic sentences.

In addition to this, the topic sentence may allow the writer to expand his horizon. There are other things that may be included in the construction of the paper. The writer also has the option of incorporating some of his personal experiences with the topic sentence. With such straight forward topic sentence, it is not difficult to incorporate several details that may be attributed to it.  Furthermore, it may be observed that the topic sentence can stand alone. Regardless of whether supporting information is attached to the topic sentence or not, the sentence has a complete thought. In addition to this, there are certain things that may also be attached to the topic sentence, not necessarily concentrating on the thought of the topic sentence.

Question 5: Describe and explain how the organization of a carefully crafted thesis statement builds an essay’s framework. What are some of the problems that can be seen in the body of an essay if the thesis statement is not well crafted? A well crafted thesis statement would establish the foundation of a paper. From the thesis statement, arguments are presented, after which supporting information are given. The thesis statement is usually found in the introductory paragraph. This may be attributed to the fact that the thesis statement contains the thought of the paper.  Furthermore, problems may also be experienced when the thesis statement is not well crafted. The supporting information that may be used may not be consistent with what is being asked in the paper. Clear and concise words should be used in the formulation of such, so that problems may also b avoided.

Words have a way of deviating from the original context of the essay. For this, it is important for the writer to formulate a well crafted thesis statement. Problems may also be experienced by the reader when the thesis statement is not well crafted. The arguments and supporting information may also suffer when the thesis statement is vague. This would eventually lead to confusion and difficulty in the comprehension of the paper.  Another problem that may be encountered by readers is the fact that the use of vague and inconsistent words would make the paper uninteresting. The choice of words also has an effect on the readers, for these reflect the thoughts and emotions of the writers. The paper should only follow one flow so that consistency is present; making the readers easily comprehend what is being relayed.

Question 6: Your assignment was to write a paragraph on your favorite meal. Your rough draft is returned, with the following comment: “…good topic sentence, but your support is weak.” Explain how you would use the suggestions/techniques in your textbook to improve the effectiveness of your supporting details. Supporting details have a way of either making the topic clear or weaker. Well supported information is usually present when the readers have understood the main thought of the paper on the first or second reading. In addition to this, the supporting information also acts as the pulling force of the paper. Theses words make the readers become more inclined, if not interested, in reading what has been made.
From the given techniques, it was just but necessary to always take into consideration notes made on the paper. Peer reviews are effective, in the sense that certain aspects of the paper are taken into careful consideration. In addition to this, there are certain things seen by peers that are beyond what the writers see.

Revision would also be helpful to the writer. Having revisions does not mean that the writer does not know how to construct a well written paper. Instead, this makes the writer open to improving his craft. The supporting details give justice and support to the topic sentence. For this, it is necessary to always take them into consideration. In this manner, the readers are able to relate to what is being stated in the paper.

Question 7: Explain how the fundamental rule for subject-verb agreement is compromised by the four “problems in subject-verb agreement,” discussed in your textbook. Subject-verb agreement has always been about making the subject compliment the verb. Furthermore, plural verbs should compliment plural subjects, while singular verbs should compliment singular subjects. However, there are still certain instances wherein the agreement is compromised. These may be attributed to the fact that certain problems are still encountered in subject verb agreement.

The first problem encountered with subject verb agreement is the tense. Confusion arises because an –s is added to singular forms, while –s is detached from the verbs. In this case, the reader must first identify which is the subject, and which is the predicate.  Another problem that may be identified with this issue is confusion. Sometimes, the reader is puzzled whether to use a singular or plural form of the verb. Although much concern is given to structure, it is through the subject-verb agreement that the readers get a grasp of what the thought of the paper is.

Furthermore, the fundamental rule is still compromised regardless of all the problems encountered. If possible, the reader and the writer should become accustomed to the different rules of subject-verb agreement before indulging in writing. The composition of a well written paper may also depend on the knowledge that the writer may have regarding the basics of writing.

Question 8: Discuss the significance of the effective writing characteristic–coherence, explaining why it is referred to as the “mortar” of a paragraph. Also describe the two writing tools that can be used to assure coherence exists in the paragraph. Effective writing has always been attributed to the formation of well crafted essays. For this, coherence is said to be the “mortar” of a paragraph. This may be attributed to the fact that coherence allows the readers to be in depth with the essay/paragraph. Words have their way of traveling and intertwining the thoughts and emotions of its readers. Sometimes, the use of excessive words may also cause confusion on the side of the readers.

Coherence may also be helped by the use of writing tools. Sense and dominant impressions are the tools that have a huge bearing in the formation of a well made paper. The presence of dominant impressions in the paper would make the readers yearn for more of the essay. In addition to this, focus would be set on the topic of the essay. This would make it easier for the readers to fully comprehend what is being relayed. In addition to this, coherency found in an essay or paragraph would leave a good impression to its readers. The writer would be able to showcase some of his good talents, especially in the composition of well written papers. Moreover, the writer’s style of writing would also leave a trademark to it s readers, making it easier for people to remember him by.

Question 9: Explain the importance of the technique of descriptive writing and how it can be achieved, using the tools described in your textbook: sense impressions, spatial order, and dominant impression. Descriptive writing is relevant in any paragraph it is used in, primarily because it gives the readers a picture of what is being illustrated in the paragraph. The construction of a well written descriptive essay is attainable in any case, especially when it follows some effective tools. These tools include sense impressions, spatial order, and dominant impressions, respectively.

Dominant impressions are said to be the distinctive ideas that convince the reader to set his thoughts on the specific idea talked about. In this manner, the reader is able to isolate other thoughts and emotions that may be attributed to the said reading/paragraph. Color and appearance are also taken into consideration in this aspect, especially with regards to what the writer wants the readers to remember his essay by.  Spatial order, on the other hand, is focused on the size of the object being described. Anything attributed to space falls under this category.

For paragraphs, this tool gives the readers an idea of the size and quantity of an object or objects being discussed in a paragraph. Last on the list is Sense impressions. As the name implies, these are the impressions based on the five senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell, and taste. Normally, descriptive essays include such impressions in their paragraphs. These are very much helpful to the writer, especially in trying to make their paragraph more personal.  From the above mentioned, it may be deciphered that al three tools are important in trying to illustrate clear descriptions of what the topic is all about. Take for example; the writer has decided to write on a farm house. The writer would be successful in trying to describe the place, the people, and their way of living through useful words.

Question 10: The writing topic assignment was a paragraph describing your morning routine, prior to arriving at school. Your draft is returned, with the following comment: “good content, but too many unnecessary verb shifts.” Explain the process you would use to analyze your paragraph and the revisions you would make to correct the verb shifts. In analyzing the paragraph, I must first read all of the comments given by the professor. Afterwards, I would read the whole paper again. In this manner, I would be able to see the mistakes that I have committed in the said paragraph. I would also be able to correct these mistakes by following the simple rules and technicalities associate with writing.

From the comment, I would also review the number of verb shifts in my paragraph. I would then try to revise these, and omit those that can be removed. Although shifts are deemed necessary in sentences and paragraphs, these may be limited to a certain number, so that the readers would not be bombarded with so many words.

The use of simple words would also come in handy. Furthermore, I would also focus on the type of point of view used. These may either be first, second, or third person point of view. The tenses should also be taken into careful consideration, and should be used accordingly. These would somehow cause confusion in the side of the writer, especially when shifting tenses.  In addition to this, it is also important to identify the kind of essay being written. As the writer, I would be able to incorporate the tools and the different methods associated with each type. Furthermore, isolation of the mistakes committed would also be corrected, and revised accordingly.

Question 1: Relate the statement, “First impressions count,” to the formatting of an assigned paragraph or essay.

Writers have their way of leaving their mark in the papers they make. This may be considered as their trademark in papers. The first time an individual picks up a paper made by a writer, he is automatically opened to the world that the writer has set his mind into.  Furthermore, there are certain aspects of the paper that need to be perfected before being published. This may be attributed to the fact that writers are identified by the kind of papers they write. If the first paper submitted by a writer impresses the readers, expect that the readers would spend time, if not patronize, their work. This is in contrast with how an unsatisfied reader would react. Regardless of how many impressive papers a writer would do, the reader would still focus on what he/she has initially read. An unsatisfied reader would always think that the kind of work a writer would do is based on the first paper he/she has read. This may sound cliché, but it is certainly a reality.

Formatting an essay or paragraph may also experience such. When a paragraph is not carefully made, numerous mistakes may become visible. These are usually corrected during proofreading and editing. Aside from the content of the paper, structure is also one of the factors to be considered. A reader would go back for more when he/she becomes impressed with the kind of work being given.

Question 2: Summarize how the five steps to writing a successful narrative can truly make a difference in the written document.

Writing a successful narrative entails a lot of dedication and hard work from the side of the writer. This kind of writing starts with the writer choosing a specific topic to focus on. The topic may vary from just a simple thing to a situation that may lead to wider perspective. The objective of narrative essays is to recount important events that happened in the lives of people. These are normally done by carefully selecting a topic that would interest both the readers and the writer.

Brainstorming comes next, wherein the writer deliberates on what he wants to be included in the paper. Thoughts and emotions are carefully taken into consideration, and only those of great importance are included in the paper.  After brainstorming, the outline of the paper is made. These processes are important in the construction of a well written paper, wherein even the readers are brought to a whole new world. The success of the writer is based on how far they could bring their readers to the other side of their imagination. Furthermore, the processes were all important in the construction of a well crafted paper. A narrative essay is one of the most colorful and imaginative essays that could be written by people. These are considered to be successful when the writer is able to convey his message across to the readers, by making them imaginative.

Question 3: Referring to the assigned essay, “The Game of My Life,” by Jeff Obafemi Carr (page 542), give exampless of, and assess Mr. Carr’s attention to the last three steps of writing a successful narrative: center on conflict; use of dialogue; and know your purpose. The essay, The Game of My Life, is an essay that focused on the last three steps on how to effectively write a narrative. Writing a narrative is not only focused on choosing the right words, and the proper sentence constructions, but also in making the readers inclined into having more of your work.

Center of conflict is important in making the narrative a success for it brings the readers to new heights. As they read through, readers are brought to a whole new level far different from what was narrated.  Furthermore, the use of dialogues in the whole essay also leaves a great impact on the readers. This may be attributed to the fact that the dialogues make readers feel more in tune with the story. In addition to this, the readers do not have a hard time keeping up with the pace of the essay; the essay does not also become dreary. Last on the list is knowing the purpose of the essay. Personally, I believe that this is the most important factor of all. Knowing the purpose of the essay is a plus factor for writers. This is because they are able to use more creative words, and incline the readers into having more of their work. As for this case, the essay is classified as a narrative. From the name itself, it is evident that the essay aims to recount a specific topic of interest that would also encourage the readers to go on and finish the essay.

Question 4: Summarize the three types of examples, which can be used as a writing technique, to add specific detail to paragraphs.

Three types of examples may be used in the effective creation of paragraphs and essays. The three types of examples include a single example, sentence-length example, and extended example.  A single example is defined as the type wherein an essay or paragraph contains a cited example. This type of example is usually included in the paragraph to give the readers a taste of what is being explained in the essay. Normally, this kind of example is used so that the readers would easily comprehend the essay.

The sentence-length example, on the other hand is more explicit than the single example. It comes in the form of a sentence, wherein more detail is given about the example. This makes the essay more effective when being analyzed by the readers. Furthermore, it also makes the writers more objective in sending their message across. Lastly, extended example is the type wherein the writer is given more privilege in giving details about the example. Examples are usually cited in order to give readers a better understanding of what is being expressed in the essay. In addition to this, details about the example are also included, wherein a connection with the main idea cited in the text is also seen.

Question 5: Compare the importance of the tools of a writer (description, narration, and example) to those of a carpenter.

A carpenter is said to work effectively when his tools are in sight. Although a carpenter is skillful and hardworking, his work is mostly appreciated for the materials and tools used. Like carpentry, writing also makes use of tools in order to creatively produce well crafted paper.  Three of the most important tools used by a writer include description, narration, and example. Similar to the tools used by a carpenter, these are the three most important factors used by writers.

Similar to a nail, description is important for it gives the readers a picture of what is being talked about in the paper. Specific details, such as color and size, are given much importance, and keep the paper together. The descriptions given for each object, place, thing, or person gives more color to the essay. Narration, on the other hand, is compared to a wooden panel. This is because the panel supports and holds the object in place. In writing, narration keeps the flow of the essay. As the name implies, it tells a story or an account about a certain instance that happened. With much description, the writer makes the readers more inclined into the essay created.

Lastly, examples are implied to make the idea of the paper more concrete. In addition to this, the examples make the idea more appealing, for it does not only focus on the accounts and the descriptions attributed in everything seen. Combining all three is similar to making a wooden stool. When all of the tools have been used accordingly, it results to a well crafted product. Like writing, the combination of the three tools would lead to the construction of a well crafted paper.

Question 6: Using the run-on sentence that follows, explain how you would correct the grammatical error, applying each of the five methods sited in Chapter 15: “At the family reunion, Ellen enjoyed seeing aunts, uncles, and cousins that she had not seen in years, her teenage children became quickly bored and were glad when it was time to go home.”

The text mentioned above could be easily corrected given that there are different methods to be used. First and foremost, the sentence should be carefully evaluated by reading thoroughly. As expected from sentences, these should contain a complete thought. Furthermore, the sentences should also be easily understood by the readers.  An analysis of the text would show that the run –on sentence can be divided into two different sentences. Shifting may also be seen present in the text. Breaking the text would become relatively easy, primarily because there are two complete thoughts present in the run-on sentence. It has also been noted that a complete sentence should contain an independent and dependent clause; these were both present in the divisions made.

Moreover, the elimination of some words may also be made possible. As much as possible, sentences should contain clear and concise words in order to send their message across. Sometimes the presence of too many words would deviate from the original context being presented. This may be compared to the simple sentences that only contain several words, yet still sends their message across.  Another factor to be considered is the sentence structure. The given text shows that the there is a common idea being followed. However, there is the presence of too many words. What the writer can do is to actually decrease the words used, and change them to more specific words. In this manner, the readers would not have difficulty in receiving the messages being sent across.

Question 7: Referring to the assigned reading, “The Brutal Business of Boxing,” by John Head, does the author make more use of single example, sentence-length example, or extended example? Justify your answer.

From the given text, it may be seen evident that the author was able to use simple words in the essay in order to send his message across. As readers, it may be seen that the writer would make use of the different kinds of examples. The text consisted of a single example, which happened in the form of stating Muhammad Ali. In addition to this, sentence length examples were also given, but these were only few in number.  Much of the examples were extended examples. Certain scenes in the life of the boxer were used all throughout the paragraph. The readers would be able to see the connection that was established between the writer and Muhammad Ali. Although both hail from different beliefs, the writer made sure that the examples given were personally related to her.

Furthermore, the writer was also able to make the readers feel that although Muhammad Ali was a known personality, people could still find the connection with him. In addition to this, the examples given in the text were also clear manifestations of the linkage it had with the idea of the paper. Those who do not critically analyze the paper would evidently think that the paper was only giving facts about the topic. In reality, the supporting information given were mere examples of the circumstances that happened in the life of Muhammad Ali.

Question 8: Summarize the five types of sentence fragments that were presented in Unit 6 and explain the method/s for correcting each type.

Sentence fragments have a way of making the paper sound clear and effective. In general, there are five different kinds of sentence fragments. These fragments include the dependent clause fragment, verbal phrase fragment, the missing-subject fragment, example and exceptional fragment, and the prepositional phrase fragment.  Dependent clause fragments are evidently clauses and fragments that being with dependent words. Correction of this kind of fragment is easily achieved. The reader only has to remove the dependent word present, and attach the fragment to a complete sentence.

Verbal phrase fragments, on the other hand, are sentences that begin with a verb. The verbs associated with this kind of fragment usually contain –ing, and –ed. However, these may be easily corrected, by affixing them to a sentence with a complete thought. Verbal phrase fragments normally contain the action of the sentence, and this would become more effective when attached to an independent clause. In this manner, they are able to form a complete thought.

Third on the list are Missing-subject fragments. These are fragments that normally contain conjunctions, and then immediately followed by a verb, but with the absence of the subject. Similar to the other fragments, attaching this kind of fragment to a sentence would have sense. Furthermore, example and exceptional fragments, as the name implies, are those that contain examples in the sentences. Among all of the sentence fragments, this is the easiest to detect and correct. In the presence of such fragment, it is best for the writer to just make a new sentence out of it. This may be attributed to the fact that adding the fragment to a complete sentence would deliberately produce run-on sentence. In addition to this, the readers may even have a hard time dealing with such.s Last on the list is the prepositional phrases fragment. Similar to the other fragments, prepositional phrases are dependent, and cannot stand alone. They are classified with the presence of prepositions in the sentences. In order for the words to have meaning, these should be attached to complete sentences or independent clauses.

Question 9: Explain why there are two schools of thought regarding the following question: Is it acceptable to begin a sentence with “but?” I believe that starting sentences with conjunctions, such as “but”, may be done accordingly. However, this would make the sentence sound weaker. There are some writers who apply such, but effectively succeed in sending their message across.  On the other hand, professional communications rarely start their sentences with a conjunction. This may be attributed to the fact that the tone of the message would sound amateur.

For such beliefs, schools of thought have become rampant. In one side, there were those who believe that it is alright to use “but” at the start of the sentence, while others believe otherwise. In reality, both are acceptable. The use of the word should only be taken into careful consideration; depending on what the tone of the essay would be.  An example of this would be a creative writing essay and a formal letter. Creative writing essays follow such practice of allowing conjunctions to be placed at the start of the sentence. No technicalities in writing would be violated; however this does not necessarily follow for formal papers. As we all know, formal require words and tone appropriate for professionals. The use of such style would not work, and would sound amateur on the side of the writer.

Question 10: Describe and explain how definition, classification, and process are methods of showing the limits of a topic, the borders that define it, and of ordering it into steps, stages, or types. For each type, certain limitations are exhibited. There are only certain things that may be attributed for each object, and subject being discussed. In the case of definitions, the scope of their knowledge is only based on the characteristics attributed to an object being discussed. Classification, on the other hand, focuses only on the different categories that would fall for each object being discussed.

Each title attributed for the part of the essay being made all have their own bearing. For one, it makes the information more organized, and clear on the side of the readers. Only pertinent information are included, thus avoiding confusion in the inclusion of irrelevant information.  Definition, classification, and process are three of the most common parts of a well written essay. As mentioned earlier, these put a limit as to the information to be discusses in a certain part of the paper. Furthermore, it also makes both the writer and the reader more focused in the kind of information being included.  Processes, on the other hand, include the methods implied for a specific topic. This also makes the paper clear and organized. For some, a completed paper may serve as the reflection of the writer’s thoughts and emotions. Other people think otherwise. Regardless of such factors, what is important is the fact that the writers are able to send their message across, and the readers are able to receive them accordingly.

Ariov, P. (2007). Wordsmith: A guide to college writing. Prentice Hall.

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