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It is a matter of fact that the year of 1917 appeared to be a real catastrophe for Palestinian people as it was marked by war and killing innocent people, hunger and homelessness. Therefore, I think that the project offered by social psychology professor Dan Bar-On is vitally important not only for modern students, but for everyone who is interested in historical truth. Together with Israeli and Palestinian historians Professor Bar-On  has done a great job offering people a series of booklet which provide in-depth overview of Israel-Palestine conflict from different perspectives. Thus, students are allowed to get acquainted with different opinions and to develop their own attitude towards the conflict. The booklet covers important issues as, for example, defeat of Arab armies and failure of Palestinians to become independent. Actually, Al-Nabka appeared to be tragic period in life of many Palestinians who were exiled and who had to leave for neighbouring Arab countries.

I think that Palestinian people were ethically cleansed from their lands and Zionism movement played crucial role in their exile. After proclaiming the state of Israel more than 700,000 Palestinians became homeless having been forced to live in inhumane conditions. It is known that Zionism was originally initiated as a movement to support re-establishment of State of Israel and to return Jewish people to its land. Nevertheless, I see that the problems of Palestinian people were not accounted.

Moreover, the alliance of Zionism and British imperialism resulted in Balfour Declaration associated with aggression, repression and expansion of other nations. Therefore, I fully agree with Professor Dan Bar-On that his project “is an effort to bridge the chasm between the two peoples” by offering adequate perspectives on the problem and I think that such projects should be encouraged and supported. The project will definitely break down existing stereotypes and distorted perception. The history should not feed the conflict any more.

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