There Is Too Much Noise in Many Public Places Essay Sample

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With the progress of urbanization, increasing people come to the big cities, and most of them from the rural area. It means they probably do not receive any formal education. Those are the people who are tend to behave badly in public places. As a consequence, there is more noise than even before. However, it is not the only reason to cause this problem; the respect to others is usually ignored

others is usually ignored in our modern education. It is a fact that people or education institute focus on one’s academic performance and look down upon the good manner that we inherit from our ancestors. By having that, people do not know how to behave properly in public places. Thus, it is common to see someone who speak loudly in front of others.

In order to address this problem, the governments, the education institutes and individuals should cooperate each other to encourage people maintain a good manner in public places. The governments may allocate more money to nurture the sense of public awareness. For example, it is possible for the nations to make the advertisement on TV, newspaper or even public places to convey the idea of the importance of respect to others. Another key point is that the education institutes should treat the manner class as vital as the other academic classes. In other words, the schools must pass the good manner to students at the same time of instilling the knowledge. The individuals are also important. Individuals need to point out the people who make the noise of what they should do, and persuade them to behave properly.

In conclusion, there are many key points causing this issue. To resolve it, the entities have been mentioned above should work with each other. I believe that the more effort these entities put in, the lesser chance we see nosily public places.

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