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The United States was not always a united nation. Before the United States became what it is today, it had been just thirteen colonies. Those colonies transformed from a united country into something more, a transcontinental nation, with the help of many events.Though deaths and sacrifices were made in the process, it helped shape the transcontinental nation. The thirteen colonies went from a new independent country to a transcontinental nation because of the economic improvements, the War of 1812, and the westward expansion.

Economic improvements helped the transformation into a transcontinental nation in a big way. The ways were the use of the National Bank and the American System, as well as the First Industrial Revolution. The National Bank was proposed by, then Treasurer, Alexander Hamilton. The National Bank would control government finances. It would also “performed the basic banking functions of accepting deposits, issuing bank notes, making loans and purchasing securities.” (National Bank History). The American System is “consisted of three mutually reinforcing parts: a tariff to protect and promote American industry; a national bank to foster commerce; and federal subsidies for roads, canals, and other “internal improvements” to develop profitable markets for agriculture.” (Senate Historical Office). The American System became a main focus in the Whig Party opposition against Andrew Jackson. The First Industrial Revolution greatly helped the transformation.

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